About Me

What has happened to your identity? You’re focused on raising your children, excelling in your job, being a good daughter or a great wife, or being the best friend to your best friends. Or trying to do it all. Do you sometimes feel like you can’t remember who you used to be?

I know how you feel because I’ve felt it too. After leaving my first career to stay at home with my kids, the next 11 years saw me completely focused on my family. I was happy and fulfilled, yet somewhere along the way I had lost touch with the old me. I literally had to ask my Mum ‘about me’ as a girl!

Until a few years later, when I did a glamour photo shoot. It was to celebrate me turning 40 and yes – the shoot was booked and paid for by my husband. I went along thinking it was going to be solely for his benefit but how wrong I was.

Those portraits remind me of a time when I felt strong, confident and beautiful. The photographer helped me to reconnect with myself and to see myself as she (a complete stranger) saw me. That 2-hour photo session was powerful and transformative. And it was a pivotal moment because right then I decided that I wanted all women to experience the same thing. I immediately focused my business entirely on women and created the tagline ‘Focused on you’.

Photos of the Real You

Since then I have photographed dozens of women of all shapes, sizes, age and life stage. Every single one of them arrived at my studio with insecurities, telling me what they didn’t like about themselves, why they’re not photogenic etc. I get it – there are things I don’t like about myself too.

But isn’t it important to do something lasting, meaningful and special for yourself – and for those who love you?

No More Excuses!

“I need to get in shape before having my picture taken”

“I’m not photogenic”

“I’m too old”

“I don’t want photos of myself on the walls!”

“I only want digital images”

“I can’t afford it”

“I don’t have the appropriate outfits”

“I have enough pictures on my phone”

“I would feel too awkward at the shoot”

I have heard all of these excuses before – and more besides! Read some of my recent reviews and you’ll feel reassured. Many other clients just like you had the same fears as you have, yet came away from their portrait sessions feeling ecstatic. Make time for yourself as you are right now and capture it forever.

Your photo shoot will be a fun, affirming and transformational experience for you. It’s your job to help with the planning and to show up and enjoy the day. It’s my job to give you a fantastic makeover, direct you through the shoot, and use my knowledge of lighting and posing to bring out the best in you.

Like I did after my own photo shoot, not only will you remember the event itself where you are the focus of attention for the day, but you will start to see yourself in a new light. And it gets better: your final portraits will be a true reflection of who you are as a person, whatever roles you are playing in your life. 

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