Give me 3 hours – I’ll give you some timeless Mother-Daughter photos

Dana met me after our shoot to talk about why it is so important to have photos of your children. Watch her testimonial to know how she feels about her portraits, then scroll down for the original behind-the-scenes video of Dana’s photo shoot.

I’ve just done an amazing Mother-Daughter photo shoot with the lovely Dana and her daughters and want to show you their gorgeous portraits. I hope that after seeing them you’ll want to have some like them for yourself too.

How many of us have a professional portrait with our children? Or with our own mother? Timeless portraits with those we love are something that many of us would love to have but for various reasons, we don’t. Here are some of the most common reasons that I hear:

  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t want my ‘imperfections’ to show on camera
  • I prefer to be the one taking the photos
  • They’ve already left home/I live too far from my mother
  • It’s too expensive
  • I’ve got lots of good photos on my phone already

Keep scrolling for my answers to the excuses given above (that I myself have also used, ahem, but at least I’m honest).

lady wearing white top poses in backlightToo busy?

A photo shoot with me takes 2 hours, 3 hours if you include the makeover. OK, the planning and preparation take time and lots of thought. Dana and I spent time looking through her wardrobe and deciding what she wanted to wear. But it’s worth it to make sure that you get portraits that you love. Totally worth the short time to get timeless photos that you and your children will cherish for a lifetime.

glamorous woman in black dress poses on couch in studio shoot classic portrait of an elegant lady in black dress Your imperfections?

Your children don’t even see them and they love you for the person you are in your soul. You are their mother, the center of their world and the person that they always call first. You are the most beautiful woman in their eyes and one day they will look for photos of you. If you are feeling self-conscious during your shoot, don’t worry. It’s my job to direct you in posing and expression so that you look your absolute best!

timeless photos of a lady in black dressLove to take the photos?

I do too. But I have come to realize that I am missing from many of my children’s tangible life memories. Birthdays, Christmases, important events, just because I want to take the picture myself, for myself. Or to make a scrapbook of my kids. But what about your children? They will want pictures of you. Be part of the picture and let someone else take photos of you!

head and shoulders portrait of a mother with her daughtersToo far away?

Many of us live miles away from our children or our mothers. But I’m sure that most of us get the opportunity to see them occasionally, if they are still with us. You are a unique and important part of this world, and so are your relationships. If any of your close family have already passed away, you will know the value of having photos of them. Make time to book a photo shoot and capture you together next time you see them.

sisters together in vogue-style photo shootToo expensive?

How can you put a value on beautiful Mother-Daughter portraits, captured when you were all experiencing an amazing photoshoot together? My session fee is only $200 and there is no minimum order requirement. So if you only want a handful of pictures that’s what you order. I give you your beautiful prints and you get the digital file included too so you can reprint, share with your loved ones or post online. Think about how much you spend on clothes, meals out or decor and plants for your home. They will not last but your portraits will become heirlooms. Totally worth it!

blue couture badgley mischka gown woman in blue badgley mischka gown in photo sessionGot loads of photos on your phone?

Do you see those photos as treasures that will be passed down from generation to generation? Are you in them with your children? Can they be printed and enlarged beautifully? Will you really, actually print them? If yes, then maybe you don’t need professional photos taken. But remember this: one day, photos of you will be amongst your child’s most prized possessions.

mother daughter photo shootAfter the shoot Dana said, “Thank you so much Amber! The girls and I had such a great time. I love our photos so much. I’m really happy to have such beautiful photographs of us especially since the girls change so much everyday. I know I’ll treasure these and the moments you captured forever. Such a great idea – I’m so happy we did this! ❤”

Be part of the picture and create some timeless mother-daughter photos that will become treasures for you, your children and their children. Call me on 612-479-3454 to book your session now.

Hair and makeup for all photos by Bianca Wolney

Farewell to my Makeup Artist: her Elegant Portrait Session

Parting Gift

The graceful, beautiful and talented Gayathri Menon, who I had the pleasure of working with in countless photo shoots. This is her beautiful portrait session. After years of watching her give my clients some amazing makeovers I asked her if she would like to do her own shoot with me. It was my farewell gift to her because I was about to leave Singapore. Although no stranger to modeling herself, I wanted Gayathri to feel like the center of attention and to have some gorgeous portraits of herself.

Always professional in her work and appearance Gayathri exudes a timeless elegance as well as a calm professionalism. She puts any client at ease with her light-hearted conversation and gives them her full attention at all times. These qualities are all highly appreciated when giving women their dream photo shoot and makeover. It makes them feel confident that they’re in good hands and helps them to relax and enjoy their own portrait session.

We began Gayathri’s photo shoot with a very natural daytime look and flowed through several glamorous outfits. She did her own makeup and hair, choosing the perfect looks to complement her outfits. Having worked together on so many shoots she knew exactly how I worked and followed my posing direction easily.

Gayathri is a dancer so it was only natural that we would finish the portrait session with some images of her doing a few twirls. We had an excellent shoot incorporating many different looks but the dancing series was my favorite. I think it captures Gayathri’s elegance and grace just perfectly. Afterwards she said, “The final images keep amazing me. Each series is so different and so is the mood. If anyone is considering a photo shoot with Amber I would say ‘Go for it. You Deserve It!'”

Book Your Own Portrait Session

It’s my goal to help busy, everyday women like you to feel more self-confident, to reconnect with yourself and be reminded of your beauty. Despite having kids, being another year older, changing shape, or going through life’s ups and downs, you still have the same unique inner beauty. And that should be captured and celebrated in front of my lens!

Call me on 612-479-3454 to discuss your own dream photo session, styled just for you. You can wear your favorite pieces from your own wardrobe or you can borrow some of mine that I keep just for my portrait sessions. Together we’ll design the most amazing experience and you’ll get the best portraits you’ve ever seen of yourself.

Hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon 🙂

Boudoir Photography: 3 Feelings You Will Experience During a Photo Shoot

negative strip of film showing woman posing in lingerieWhen Esther originally contacted me to book her boudoir photography shoot, her plan was to give her boyfriend some beautiful, tasteful boudoir photos. We discussed the kind of look that she wanted and began to plan the outfits for her session.

A week before her photo shoot, I phoned Esther to see how the preparations were going. She told me that sadly she had broken up with her boyfriend and so we discussed whether to proceed with the shoot. As a result, Esther quickly realised that she was still really looking forward to the experience. Everyone can do with a little boost and self-love when you’re feeling down!

Boudoir Photography – Do it For Yourself

Esther started to think about what her dream boudoir photography shoot would look like now that she was doing it for herself. Often we women are so focused on giving to others that sometimes we lose sight of who we are. My goal for all my clients is to show you how beautiful you are; to help you reconnect with the woman you see in your portraits; and to look at her with pride.

Esther came laden with beautiful lingerie on the day of her shoot. She was a little shy at first but no sooner had she sat down for her makeover than her fears melted away. We started shooting, transitioning through Esther’s gorgeous outfits and finding the best ways to show them off. One corset was very ‘Agent Provocateur-esque’ so I created a set-up that would show it off to get the maximum wow factor!

Relax and Enjoy the Experience!

It’s completely normal to feel a bit embarrassed or nervous at the beginning of a boudoir photography session. I have been there myself and remember how it feels. I do my best to help my client to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy every moment. We play her favorite music, I help dress her in her gorgeous outfits, and we chat as if we’re bff’s. Her job is to enjoy this unique celebrity experience, designed just for her. My job is to direct every part of the shoot, from lighting and styling through to posing and expression. By the end of the boudoir session my client is always radiant, happy and confident. That is success for me – there really is nothing better than watching this incredible transformation!

Something to Keep Forever

I look at Esther’s portraits and see a woman who exudes confidence and inner strength. Here’s what she says about her pictures:

“I am delighted with the photos that Amber has created for me. She made the shoot relaxed and fun at the same time which was great as I had never done this before! Amber gave great directions and ideas as well as really good pre-shoot care in terms of thinking about outfits which would work. I think that this is something every girl should do as it is an amazing experience and they are photos you can be proud of and keep forever. Thank you Amber!”

Delight, Confidence and Pride

Whatever’s going on in your life, there’s always a good reason to book a classic, tasteful boudoir photo shoot for yourself. You give so much of your time and energy to others – you deserve time with the focus just on you. When you book a photo session with me you will get an affirming makeover experience and photo shoot. You will feel delighted, confident and proud of yourself. You will also get a gorgeous set of fine art, magazine-inspired, portraits that you will cherish forever.

Take a break from the busyness and let me help you reconnect with yourself. Call me on 612-479-3454 for your free consultation.

Nancy’s beautiful maternity photo session

Nancy contacted me in her 2nd trimester to book her maternity photo session. Her goal for the final images was: “Getting sensual pictures of myself, making me feel beautiful, catching loving couple moments, and family moments with our first son.” We met a few times to discuss exactly what she wanted and how we were going to get it. Nancy already had some great ideas on what to wear for her maternity photos, and she had even started buying some cute new pieces to wear to her photo shoot! Planning a photo session is almost the most important part of the whole shoot. It ensures that everyone knows what’s going to happen, what photos we are aiming for and what outfits are going to be worn. Good preparation means that during the photo session everyone can just relax and enjoy the time they have in front of the camera!

On The Day

The big day for Nancy’s pregnancy photo session arrived! She arrived before her family, which allowed her to focus on enjoying the pampering and beauty makeover without any interruption!  She was going for a natural look with her makeup and wanted to start the shoot with her hair down. We began by taking the portraits of Nancy by herself, having lots of fun with streams of billowing silk, fans, wraps and reflectors.

When Nancy’s husband and older son arrived we continued quickly with their family portraits. When little ones are around there’s not a moment to spare because they can tire easily, get hungry or lose interest pretty rapidly!

Treasured Keepsakes

Nancy and her husband were delighted with their portraits from their maternity photo session. Out of respect for their privacy I have kept most of them private but I’m posting a few teasers from the session. Here’s what Nancy had to say about their photos:

The first time I discovered Amber’s work I felt in love with her artistic way of capturing the moments. She has the incredible ability to catch the most glamorous side of each woman. When I became pregnant with my second son, I knew I will contact her to make the maternity shoot. She was able to listen and understand what we were looking for, which was not an easy task. We could not be happier with the result. Amber is not only creative and professional, but what is more important she genuinely cares about making you feel happy and beautiful. The result is incredible: the portraits are real and emotional. Thanks for helping us create and capture these memories!

So are you looking to have your maternity photos taken? There are moments in our lives that only come around once or twice, maybe more for some people. Capture them for eternity with some gorgeous, elegant and contemporary portraits. Call me on 612-479-3454 to discuss your own photo shoot!

Hair and Makeup by Salma Abbas

gorgeous lady wearing black embraces her belly in maternity photo session

elegant contemporary black and white maternity photo session plymouth minnesota

black and white image from maternity photo session

pregnant mama poses with billowing white silk in maternity photo session plymouth minneapolis minnesotawoman holds pink silk in maternity photo shoot plymouth minneapolis

expectant mother holds older brother in maternity photo session

Casino Royale Self-Portrait

I’ve always loved the 1967 Casino Royale movie poster of the woman covered in a skin of a playing cards – take a look here – and wanted to experiment with putting skins on my own subjects. This piece of work has been on the back burner for a while but the final prompt came when Martha Stewart tweeted an image of herself covered in tattoos.

Thinking that it’s always good to practice on yourself first I decided to do a self-portrait. I set up my studio (got it nice and warm) and roped my husband in on the project – asking him to press the shutter at the appropriate times.

I tell you, the hardest part was not the actual taking of the photo but getting my body into that unnatural position. I’m not sure if the original 1967 model was human but I could not get my leg to do what she did. Maybe I just need to do more yoga. So thanks to Photoshop, my pose is a combination of 2 photos of me – the body and the outstretched leg!

After putting my body together I went about making a new skin for myself. I found some stock images of playing cards and stitched them together to cover myself. The tricky part was cutting out the pistols and my hair… I almost didn’t bother but wanted to keep it true to the original. Then it was just a case of playing around with blending modes, filters and new layers of cards to get the look that I liked the most.

This project is very different from my usual style of portraits of women but it appeals to my love of photo manipulation and using Photoshop to create fantasy composite images. It was really fun to do (my husband certainly enjoyed it!) and I loved creating something completely new. I’m going to keep trying new styles and techniques; it helps keep my little grey cells awake and pushes my creativity in new directions. Stay tuned for more 🙂

Composite Image of woman in style of Casino Royale bond girl with a skin of playing cards.

Sophie’s Senior Pictures

This stunning session with the sweet Miss Sophie passed too quickly! She is an easy-going and confident girl, so the session for her senior pictures was destined to be 2 hours of fun. She also has an action-filled schedule, spending most of her time either at school, work and volunteering, so we fixed a date for her shoot weeks in advance. That gave us plenty of time to plan the perfect session for her senior photos.

Girl leans on pillar for senior pictures in Wayzata

Coffee-loving senior girl take pictures at Wayzata Starbucks!

During her pre-shoot consultation we talked about her interests and hobbies and how she wanted her senior pictures to look. It’s always my goal to give each senior a unique photo shoot that portrays their personality accurately. Sophie loves drinking coffee, so we made sure to include a Starbucks in the outline of her shoot 🙂

Beautiful senior girl poses at Wayzata beach for photos

We also discussed location and outfits: there are many beautiful locations in and around the Plymouth MN area. Sophie, a Wayzata High School senior, chose downtown Wayzata, a great town that has the glistening Lake Minnetonka, a picturesque park at the end of the beach, the train tracks leading past the depot, the Wayzata Depot gardens and of course the pier right in the middle of the town.

Laughing senior girl has pictures taken on boardwalk at Wayzata marina

senior photos at Wayzata Depot

senior pictures of a beautiful girl Plymouth Wayzata

With her mom’s help Sophie got her outfits, hair and makeup looking pristine and gorgeous. During the photo session she was a complete natural at looking relaxed, happy and confident – something that makes my job as her senior photographer so much easier! I think you’ll agree that her senior pictures are a stunning reflection of a beautiful and self-assured young lady.

portrait of a senior girl Plymouth MN

Photo of senior girl in the sunlight at Wayzata

We moved to the end of the beach in Wayzata and spent some time at the Depot. The light was golden and the wind was blowing…. we couldn’t have asked for better weather. On top of having an amazing choice of places to shoot in, the fall colors were stunning and complemented Sophie’s outfits beautifully.

Senior portraits at Wayzata Depot

Senior portraits on a windy day at Wayzata Depot

Senior girl enjoys her photo session at Wayzata Depot

Back to the pier in the center of Wayzata – no surprise that I’ve seen many wedding photographers here shooting couples. We still had some time left so Sophie quickly put together another outfit. Just love her choice of boots!

Senior pictures at Wayzata Marina

Senior photos in Wayzata by Lake Minnetonka

Senior pictures at the edge of Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata

I feel so privileged to have been Sophie’s photographer for her senior pictures. I wish her all the best in her senior year at Wayzata High School – it’s a time full of preparation, anticipation and excitement. I can’t wait to see where Sophie’s journey will take her: wherever it may be, may it be filled with fun, friends, laughter and coffee!

Skye’s Dance Photo Shoot

One day this girl is going to be a star. Skye taught me that if you’re passionate about something, you need to envision what you want, plan how you are going to get it and keep going until you’re satisfied. It’s a principle that we can all use.

This was once of my favourite shoots before I left Singapore and moved to Minneapolis – different to anything I had done before but so exhilarating and beautiful! Skye’s mom Lisa had already done a photo shoot with me for herself and her husband, so she knew what to expect. She called me to book a dance photo shoot for her 12-year old daughter, Skye, who wanted to build her dance portfolio to present with her applications to dance schools.

Perfect  Preparation

I always insist of a high level of pre-shoot preparation. It is essential for creating the most successful and enjoyable photo shoot so I remain in constant contact with my clients beforehand. Skye and I communicated several times prior to her shoot, sharing a Pinterest board and emailing different ideas about what she liked and what she wanted from the shoot. She and Lisa spent time preparing the outfits and shopping for the perfect look, so when they arrived on the day there was no messing around and we were ready to roll.

The Day of the Shoot

We started off with some amazing leaping shots. Right from the start Skye enthralled me with her athleticism and grace, as well as her willingness to repeat the leaps several times so that we could get it just right. Her energy was limitless – that’s youth for you!  My goal was to capture the shots perfectly in camera so that I wouldn’t need to ‘fix anything’ in post – I’ve posted a couple of behind-the-scenes shots of the photo session to show the set-up.

After the white background we switched to the black backdrop, gave Skye some silks and turned the fan on. The results were so gorgeous that it was tough for all of us not to get carried away, but we only had 2 hours for the shoot and needed to stick to our plan. We did several combos of ballet outfits, skirts and leg-warmers and what incredible images we got!

Skye was such an inspiration: only 12 years old but she knew exactly what she was looking for when I showed her the back of my camera. She was looking for the perfect shape and form of each dance pose. Towards the end of this dance photo session we decided that we had achieved all of the dramatic, movement-filled poses that Skye wanted.  We moved on to capture some calmer photos of Skye looking serene – great portraits for her mom to keep. We took portraits of her holding her pointe shoes, and some close-up images.

Everyone was thrilled

After the shoot Lisa (Skye’s mom) was thrilled with the dance portraits of Skye and ordered some poster-sized prints for the wall. Here’s what she had to say about the dance photo shoot:

“Having been extremely happy with the beautiful photos Amber had taken of me on a previous occasion, booking her for dance shoot photos for my daughter, Skye, was an easy decision. I enjoy having photos of my children doing “their thing” – Skye’s thing is dance and Amber’s brief was to capture moments of movement in addition to capturing the essence of Skye. Skye thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, Amber PinInteresting her possible shots, the outfits, make up and of course the actual shoot. Watching Amber taking photos of my daughter I was touched by how quickly she put Skye at ease and it was lovely to observe them both having fun with the shoot. I love the final images, they’re exactly what I was hoping for and most days I waste far too much time looking at them! So happy to have been able to capture that slice of time.”

Every time I look at these photos I am inspired by Skye – and now feel motivated to find more dancers to work with. Contact me if you are located in the Minneapolis MN area and are interested with doing a dance photo shoot together 🙂

modern dance shootyoung girl leaps with silk in contemporary dance portrait minneapolis

behind the scenes of a modern dance photo shootgirl in modern dance pose minneapolisyoung ballerina on pointestudio dance photo shoot behind the scenes with momyoung girl in seated pose during dance photo session girl in modern dance posegirl with red silk in contemporary dance pose minneapolissenior photo shoot in modern dance pose with white silk minneapolissenior photo shoot in modern dance pose with white silk minneapolishead and shoulders portrait of young ballerina minneapolisballerina holds her pointe shoes in modern dance photo shoot minneapolisthree framed dance themed portraits


Behind the Sophisticated Headshot

Portrait of a Professional and Sophisticated Woman


Professional and sophisticated are not mutually exclusive  – you won’t find any prim and proper, stuffy corporate headshots here. Many women have walked into my studio over the past year and although they have all been different they have shared many of the same characteristics. This is the portrait I want to share now, and although I’m much more comfortable using imagery than words here is my portrayal of the women I have met.

selection of elegant female professional headshots

The woman who books a photo shoot with Amber Roberts Images takes pride in how she looks, regardless of her age, and she welcomes getting older gracefully. She accepts her laughter lines as reminders of all the fun times she has had, and the wisdom that she has gained – and therefore does not want them removed. She is in tune with her feelings and is mindful of her actions: she knows herself, her limits and what she wants. Exercising, eating right and meeting friends keep her healthy and happy. This lady is adventurous, fun-loving, energetic and positive – she lives life to the full. She may be introvert or she may be extrovert. She may have kids or she may have cats. She is kind-hearted, generous and gracious, but she is never a doormat. While she accepts the views of others and remains outwardly-focused, she stands firm in her own beliefs. She stays in tune with local and global affairs and always feels for those in need, doing her part to assist however she can.

6 women pose for corporate headshots in the studio

The woman who walks in my studio is self-motivating, goal-orientated, extremely competent and efficient. Common sense and emotional intelligence are her best friends. She is bold in making choices for her family or career and is flexible to new ideas, trends and opportunities. She is not a fashionista however, or someone who mindlessly follows the latest fads – she sets her own style and makes wise judgments about what is beautiful, meaningful and worthwhile. She is a global citizen, having lived in many countries outside of her own; she takes the best of what she has learnt from those cultures and applies them to herself. Her world-wide experiences make her even more unique and irreplaceable.

6 women get their headshot taken

I have had the absolute privilege of meeting so many such women over the past 12 months. They are an inspiration to me and during every shoot I learn something from them. My glamour sessions are 2 hours and my corporate headshot sessions are only 1 hour – that’s all it takes sometimes to learn big lessons from someone else.

Ladies – you know who you are – thank you for booking your corporate headshot session with me.  I remember each of your stories and all that you shared with me!  Not only can you go about your business with a fresh and sophisticated headshot but you’ve encouraged me to become more positive, resilient, confident and self-accepting. I’m grateful to have met you.

women pose for sophisticated headshots

Corporate headshots with Amber Roberts Images are about portraying the strong and feminine woman. Call me on 9660-4176 to book your elegant headshot session and get the image that portrays the irreplaceable you.

Black and White House family photos

family of 5 relax on sofa surrounded by paintings

When fellow mumpreneur and well-known local artist Clare Haxby said she was leaving Singapore I was not surprised. This city is a very transient place, with many expats only living here 2-3 years before moving somewhere else.  But having admired how much energy and passion she put into growing her business my first thought was ‘you’ve spent years establishing yourself as a successful artist, couldn’t you stay a little longer?!’

We met 2 years ago and frequently saw each other at fairs, pop-ups and networking events around Singapore – it is a small place for expats and even smaller for creatives and entrepreneurs.  I’d always wanted to buy one of her beautiful prints so when she announced her departure I immediately placed an order for her Skyline print. A few days later she emailed to ask if I would photograph her family at home in their beautiful black and white house. These houses are part of Singapore’s colonial heritage, often raised up on columns with galleried verandahs, to make living in the tropics more comfortable.  Having lived there for 8 years the historical house was an integral part of the Haxby family’s life in Singapore.  It also served as Clare’s studio for her work and the showroom for her paintings.

The family photo shoot was set for a few days before the packers arrived. When I showed up at the house the whole family was appropriately dressed in white.  Clare showed me the different parts of the house that she wanted photographed; her studio was also going to be captured as well as some of her artwork. We took the family photos, then Clare’s willing husband and children made a fantastic support crew to help set up her paintings.

I’ve thought a lot about how I would have felt being in Clare’s shoes: leaving a place when you’re known as one of the best in your field, the go-to person for a product or service. Maybe it was actually perfect timing to leave at the top and start somewhere new, taking the lessons one has learnt to applying them to a new situation. I read somewhere that it’s not up to us to decide whether something happens or not, but what we are going to do with the time that we have. Clare is based in England where she now has her studio, and I have no doubt that she will once again stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for some stunning artwork of Singapore’s famous landmarks, wander over to Clare’s website where you can buy her paintings and prints.  You’ll also see Clare’s painting of the black and white house that she used to call home.

Luckily for those of us still in Singapore Clare Haxby Fine Arts and Prints continues to operate here, maintaining a showroom in Tanglin Rise. Her local staff will be running an open day for her art this October 3rd and she will also be making twice-yearly visits back to Singapore – so plenty of opportunity to catch up with her again!

family photo shoot at black and white house singapore family gathers for photos with paintings images of family in their black and white house singapore artist displays her paintings

Couples Photo Session by Amber Roberts

couple sits together against backlight in couples photo session

This was a couples photo session that I will always remember because Diana and Nader are two very special people. Spend any time with them and you will quickly see why they are together. They are two of the most genuine, gentle and kind-hearted people that you will meet. It was a real privilege for me to take their portraits and to capture their relationship on camera.

Diana and Nader travel a lot and there was only one possible Saturday over a 3-month period that would work for this special couples photo session. When their shoot began Nader was first in front of the camera, while Diana was treated to her makeover. Looking extremely sophisticated in some new suits, he rocked his solo session and got some fantastic head shots for work. When Diana was ready we focused on the task in hand: capturing them together! As a photographer it really is a privilege to get within a couple’s ‘personal space’ and to portray the relationship that they have.

Scroll down for a small selection of Diana and Nader’s order that gives a mini peek into what they will be hanging on their walls. Definitely worth saving some prominent wall space for don’t you think?!

Your relationship will grow, evolve and change shape through the coming years, so it’s important that you capture yourselves as you are today.  Now is the time to book a couples photo shoot, especially if you have an anniversary with a 5 or 0 in it!  Call me on 9660-4176 to book your session and be sure to plan a romantic evening out (or in) afterwards!

Makeup: Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

couples photo session against black background couple wearing black and white in couples photo session couple wearing black and white in couples photo session

East Coast Family Photo Shoot

This beautiful Australian family was about to leave Singapore and asked if I would do their last Singapore family photo shoot.  Being neighbours meant that we already knew each other, which is something that definitely helps when kids are involved – there are no scary strangers pointing rude cameras in their faces!

When I do family photo shoots I normally encourage my clients to choose somewhere that is significant to them – either their own neighbourhood, a favourite park or a Singapore landmark that they love. Tonya and Bill decided that they wanted to do their shoot at the East Coast Park; it was a place where they had spent many hours walking, running, cycling, and relaxing, so these photos will bring back many happy memories for the whole family.

We jumped on our bikes and headed down early one morning, hoping for good weather this time: we’d already had to cancel one morning due to a total downpour. The clouds were looking slightly menacing but we decided to go for it. I think the first photos of the shoot are incredibly moody and striking – they certainly make a change from the usual bright and sunny look that family photos normally have. We played around for an hour or so, enjoying the relative peace and quiet that morning and capturing some special family moments. The dark clouds continued to threaten and broke into torrential rain 30 minutes after we finished. Perfect timing for a family trip to the East Coast Starbucks!

Less than than a month later Bill and Tonya said goodbye to Singapore. Their shoot was one of 4 family photo shoots that I did in that last week of June – a busy month when many people leave. It’s a bittersweet time but these families will always have their photos to remind them of the place they once called home.

Call me on 9660-4176 or contact me to book your family photo shoot. We are so privileged to call Singapore home – most of us only for a short time. Let’s make sure that we capture a few moments of this unique city forever.

east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot east coast family photo shoot

Why Book A Couples Photo Session?

glamorous couple in blue embraces in studio photo

I always get a rush of excitement when I receive a booking for couples photo session. There is usually a significant anniversary or birthday to celebrate – if you’re going to book a photo shoot it better be for a good reason, right?  Lisa contacted me with 3 excellent reasons!

1)  She was celebrating a special birthday and wanted to have a fantastic makeover and photo shoot experience to spoil herself, and have some beautiful photos to mark the occasion;

2)  She wanted to get some professional portraits taken of her with her husband, Gerry. Although they had had 2 wedding ceremonies, Lisa and Gerry had never had professional photos taken their weddings 21 years ago. This photo session was going to be the time when she got those special couple portraits.

3)  Lisa wanted some photos of Gerry playing the guitar. Apart from Lisa it’s his passion and she wanted to capture some moments when he’s most himself – in his element and immersed in his music.

Gerry and Lisa arrived and we discussed the various outfits that they would be wearing, and planned out the flow of this special couples photo session. Lisa then began her magical makeover experience with the wonderful Gayathri Menon and I started taking Gerry’s guitar portraits.  We also had time to take a few spontaneous head shots for his professional use – that’s the 4th reason!  An hour later Lisa was ready to join in and we began a fun-filled hour of couples photography, fuelled by lots of banter, laughter and ‘in’ jokes.

Delivering the products later was such a pleasure – it’s always like giving my client a gift. Lisa and Gerry chose to order one of my print packages – they knew exactly what they wanted to do with the prints, photo book and acrylic block. Gerry loved his guitar photos and his favorite portrait now takes pride of place in his guitar room. Lisa said, “The photos of us as a couple with me in my wedding dress are going up in our home in France.  Having lived abroad all of our married life in rental homes, there’s something fitting about having those photos in our French home, a space that is truly ours.”

Oh, I forgot to mention – the blue dress that Lisa wore for the photoshoot – it’s the same dress that she wore all those years before at their wedding!!!! How impressive is that? Not many of us can say that can we? Yet another reason to celebrate.

Have you got a good reason to celebrate? Call me on 9660-4176 to book your romantic couples photo shoot and let’s get you some treasured portraits of you and your loved one.

glamour photo shoot couples photo session studio photo session couples photo sessioncouples photo shoot beautiful photographic prints, photo book and acrylic

Kerry’s Senior Photo Shoot at Raffles

When Kerry’s mum phoned me to book her daughter’s senior photo shoot I was so thrilled! I love senior sessions because it’s such an exciting time for the students – they are approaching the end of High School with anticipation, they have important decisions to make about their future and the big wide world awaits them. Some are considering study in other countries, many will be saying goodbye to friends and family for a while.

Following my conversations with her mum I was really looking forward to meeting Kerry. Not only is Kerry blessed with gorgeous looks but she is also incredibly smart, hoping to study accountancy at college after she graduates from Singapore American School. She is also a very advanced rower and has a high-degree black belt in taekwondo – very gifted on so many levels.

Originally we’d planned to do the shoot at the Botanical Gardens, a popular location for senior photo shoots. However, when it’s the rainy season and you live in Singapore, some things are just not going to happen according to plan. We decided to relocate to Raffles Hotel which is mostly undercover. It turned out to be a perfect location and we got some really wonderful photos of Kerry. She had picked several outfits in fabulous colors, brought along her favorite shoes, and got into the swing of things very quickly.

With Kerry’s confidence and ease we were able to create some senior photos that she is proud of and her parents are delighted with.  As a photographer there is nothing more rewarding than being able to capture my subject in the best possible light and present a set of portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

My best wishes and congratulations to Kerry, her friends at SAS and all seniors graduating this Spring 2015!

Hair, makeup and styling Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Makeup and Styling

senior photos singaporesenior photos singaporesenior photos singapore senior photos singapore

senior photos singapore senior photos singapore

Mother and Daughter Photo Shoot

triptych of images with mother and daughters

Rachael won the bid for this Mother and Daughter photo shoot that I had donated to our school fund-raiser. Her family was about to relocate back to the US but she knew that she wanted to do a Girls Day Out photo session with her 2 daughters before leaving. A busy mother of 4 children who was also very involved at school, Rachael had an enormous to-do list to prepare for her family’s international move.  But she made the photo session a priority and we fixed the date for a week before she left!

The beauty makeovers were done by the wonderful stylists at The Big Blow salon at Cluny Court – a super fun experience for the girls, who loved being pampered and styled during their professional makeover. I know you’ll think they all look just beautiful and beaming with happiness 🙂

This Mother and Daughter photo shoot was all about Rachael and her daughters together, and about creating special memories during their last week in Singapore. We took no photos of them individually. They are extremely close as mother, daughters and sisters and that is what we wanted to reflect in their portraits. The bond of mothers, daughters and sister is priceless and it certainly made me reflect on the relationships that I have with my own sisters and mother.

Take those priceless portraits before they leave home and grow up. Celebrate the closeness you share with your daughters.  Call me on 9660-4176 to book your own Mother and Daughter Photo Shoot.

mother and daughter photo shoot

mother and daughter photo shoot

mother and daughter photo shoot

sisters photo shoot

Raise Your Profile with a Glamour Photoshoot

Let me introduce you to an amazing woman who will light up any room she walks into. Sharon is a dynamic lady who has lived in several cities around the world; she arrived in Singapore just a few months ago and has quickly settled into life here. When she called me to book her glamour photoshoot I could tell that she is someone who is motivated, positive, and who pursues her goals with bags of energy and good humour.

Sharon booked her session because she wanted to get some fresh photos for her online dating profile. As we talked about the different looks, hair and makeup that Sharon wanted in her glamour photoshoot, I realized how important your profile photo is in creating a powerful first impression. It’s your personal brand – whether it’s a corporate headshot for LinkedIn, your mugshot in your company’s website/brochure, your profile picture for online dating or simply your Facebook photo. Pitching yourself to just the right target audience is essential if you want to make it to ‘Round Two’, and best achieved with the most flattering but realistic photos of yourself.

See what you think of Sharon’s glamour photoshoot. She started off with a casual day-time look progressing to more glamorous throughout the session. I think she absolutely rocked her photo session with her outfits, attitude and positive energy. Afterwards she shared her favorite photos online saying, “I’m so happy… I’ve never felt so pretty!”

Sharon – hair & makeup, lighting and posing are part of what goes into making a gorgeous portrait. But the most important part is YOU: your confidence, sense of fun, authenticity and good humour are what makes them unique and undeniably beautiful. Keep me posted on Round Two!

Hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling.

For more information on the different photo sessions that I offer please click here. To book your photo shoot and to discuss how to raise your personal profile, please call me on 9660-4176.

glamour photoshootGlamour photoshootglamour photoshoot glamour photoshootglamour photoshootglamour photoshoot

glamour photoshoot

Zhai – Eco-Clothing Photo Shoots

Over the past 2 years I have done several clothing photo shoots with Danielle Champagne. She’s a super-efficient Canadian who owns and runs Zhai and Santorini, two Singapore-based eco-clothing companies. Here is a selection of photos from some of those shoots, showing some of Zhai’s beautiful range of bamboo earth-friendly clothing. Outfits by Zhai’s sister company Santorini, which is known for its high quality linen, engineered fit and intricate detailing, are also featured in the outdoor photo shoot.

Founded in 2009, Zhai was the first eco-clothing fashion brand with original designs in Singapore. It carries a full collection of styles, designed by Danielle and made from bamboo fiber. Although that outdoor shoot at Singapore’s West Coast Park was a lot of fun, it was our first and last. Given the heat and humidity we never returned to the outdoors – it was a challenge to keep the models’ hair and makeup looking pristine! We now do all shoots in the studio. There’s also a photo of Danielle Champagne herself as well as Gayathri Menon, the wonderfully talented stylist who does all the hair and makeup.

Where can you find Zhai and Santorini eco-clothing?


#02-26, Tanglin Mall, Orchard
#01-58, United Square, Thomson
82 Haji Lane
Isetan, 2nd Floor, Scotts, Orchard
Isetan, B1 Floor, Westgate, Jurong East

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lot 49, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Tangs, 1st Floor, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama
Tangs, 2nd Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang
Isetan, 2nd Floor, KLCC

woman wearing purple dress in Singapore woodsmodels wearing blue and white outfits at Singapore beachmodel poses in fallen leaves model with bag stands in singapore forest model wearing dress poses with bamboo model wearing dress poses with bamboo selection of clothing made by Zhai eco clothing selection of clothing made by Zhai eco clothing makeup artist, model and business owner

Maternity Photo Shoot

Fiona and I were friends from many years ago, before we were married with children and living in Singapore. So when she asked me if I would do her maternity photo shoot I was thrilled. It is such a special time in one’s life and it makes me happy when mums want to remember the occasion by getting professional photos taken.  I have 3 kids and did not take any maternity or newborn photos. It’s one of my big regrets!

We fixed the date for the maternity photo shoot around 1 month before Fiona’s due date. She had a clear idea of what she wanted – contemporary lifestyle rather than posed portraits – and had organized her props accordingly. Big sis co-operated just long enough for us to get some wonderful snaps. And of course we couldn’t missing taking some portraits of Fiona’s handsome dog, who is the same age as her daughter.

6 days after baby arrived we met again for the newborn photo session. He was the perfect little boy, so easy-going and patient with us all fussing around him! I think you’ll agree that these maternity and newborn photos convey the excitement and happiness of welcoming a new baby into the world. Fiona – thank you for asking me to take your precious photos. I hope that they always bring you immense and unending joy. Blessings to you all x

maternity photo shoot

maternity photo shoot Singaporematernity bump photo shoot newborn photo shootnewborn photo shootnewborn photo shoot

Twice the fun – a Twins Photo Shoot

The Clarke Family were blessed with twice the joy when their beautiful twin boys were born. These amazing parents have been my friends and neighbours since I arrived in Singapore almost 2 years ago; now they are my role models. Not only was Naomi the model of a cool, calm and collected mother during pregnancy, but since the twins have arrived both she and husband Paul continue to be active members in our condo community, gracious to those around them and super efficient in managing their family needs. I honestly don’t think I possessed any of those qualities after my children were born!

As a ‘welcome’ gift to the twins I suggested that we book a twins photo shoot. I haven’t done a family shoot for a while but we all had a wonderful time. Big sisters stole everyone’s hearts while little bro’s were the epitome of easy-going behavior. They stayed awake just long enough for the whole session and never once objected to being photographed over and over.

Thank you Paul and Naomi for trusting me with your twins photo shoot. I’m blessed to know you and look forward to learning more about parenthood from you x

twins photo shoot

family photo shoot

twins photo shoot

twins photo shoot

twins photo shoot

Aimee Barnes – a Unique Beauty

Aimee Barnes is an exceptional woman. She is an entrepreneur, athlete, mentor, wife, coach, champion bodybuilder, recovered from alcohol dependence and depression, dog-lover, distance runner and a fierce advocate for women’s wellness. She has lived in Singapore for nearly 5 years and started her company Tangram Wellness in 2013, teaching the holistic aspects of exercise, self-care, nutrition, and decision-making.

Aimee Barnes headshotIn 2013 Aimee began bodybuilding with an eye on competing, eventually enlisting the help of Singapore-based NPC competitor and coach, Roz Alexander for her first three competitions. I started following her on her new journey and was inspired repeatedly by her determination, focus and ultimate success. In September she took 1st place in the Singapore National Physique and Bodybuilding Championship. In October, Aimee placed third in her category at the IFBB/NPC Ft. Lauderdale cup competition in Florida USA, qualifying her for the Nationals this September.

I had the privilege of meeting Aimee recently to get to know her better. Here’s what we discussed….

Your life has taken a few turns, going through highs and lows, changing career and moving country. What is your mission: personal and corporate?

My business, Tangram Wellness, is going through a transition right now but the mission will always be the same: I want to assist women in living their best lives through athletics, mindfulness, self-care and the development of total strength – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I’d like to offer more coaching to women who wish to explore their relationship with alcohol and/or food. It is something I am called to, and it’s a journey that I understand.

My personal mission at this point in my life is to work on my spiritual strength – my faith – and to go with my gut more often.

How does your business positively affect the way women see themselves?

So many fitness and wellness businesses are focused on helping women get skinny. I’m trying to shift the entire focus away from that aspect of fitness and towards integrative health and self-care as a pathway of healing and strength and confidence. Sure, weight loss may be a nice side effect, but I don’t think it should be the primary aim.

Aimee Barnes on bridge


You worked in journalism before starting body-building; both these industries must view female beauty very differently. How do you define female beauty?

To me, it’s a woman who is at peace with herself, someone who allows her uniqueness to shine through, a woman who is strong enough not to let the opinions of others change her. You can be a physically gorgeous woman by society’s standards, but if you have no confidence or if you’re constantly conforming to society’s ideal, that beauty disappears quickly.

Patti Smith, Ana Forrest, Missy Elliott, Erin Stern, Pema Chodron, Margaret Atwood, Gloria Steinem, Marianne Williamson, Ernestine Shepherd, Padma Lakshmi- all stunning women. I actually have a Pinterest board of women I find beautiful and inspiring. Some are younger, others are older, some have plastic surgery, some do not, some are artists, others are athletes, some are politicians and others are writers. There is no “one” age or body type or look. The common thread is that they all march to the beat of their own drum. They are unapologetically themselves. That is female beauty.

Since arriving in Singapore in 2010 you have successfully built your own wellness and coaching business Tangram Wellness. What have you learnt about yourself through the business challenges that you have faced?

I have been reminded again and again that I cannot do it all, and the message is finally sticking. Being more introverted, quiet time is a necessity – going to networking events every evening and being fully booked every day just isn’t for me. Previous to this business, I worked as a writer, and I’m returning to that as part of my company. I need time for introspection in order to best serve the people I work with. And, I’m learning that if I’m going to assist others in learning to love themselves, I have to consistently practice what I preach. Being a business owner has really magnified this.

What’s your secret to juggling work, family, friends, your fitness schedule and staying healthy?

I’ll tell you when I find it! It’s a work in progress for sure. Meditation and prayer helps a lot, as does journaling, and having a few great friends that I can just let it all hang loose with. I definitely struggle with maintaining a balance and keeping to the mission. When I’m preparing for a competition, the training is very demanding on many things: marriage, hormones, finances, diet, travel and my workout schedule. My husband is incredibly supportive and patient with me, and I’ve just hired a business coach to help me keep everything more balanced.

Aimee Barnes

Are there any causes that are close to your heart?

Raising awareness on addiction and depression and assisting in the effort to remove the stigma – that occupies a large portion of my heart and will likely become a big part of my work as well – I see it going that way. Helping other women escape the crab bucket and become their best selves is also very important to me, although I’ve not heard of a NGO that specializes in crab bucket escapes.

I was so inspired by all that you achieved last year, and look forward to watching where this year will take you. What are your plans in 2015?

I’m shifting my business to focus more on health and addiction recovery coaching in Singapore and abroad – athletics will play a major supporting role though. I’ve changed my company name from Tangram Fitness to ‘Tangram Wellness’ to reflect the more integrative approach to health apart from fitness. I’m also aiming to do more advocacy work through writing and public speaking and am trying to carve out time for that.

I’d like to compete in the NPC US Nationals at the end of the year, but it will all depend on if I’ve put on enough size. I’ll see what my coach says and go from there – I’m in no rush.

Thanks for meeting with me Aimee! I love your definition of beauty… marching to the beat of your own drum, being unapologetically yourself and not allowing yourself to be defined by the opinions of others. I know we are going to see Tangram Wellness continue to flourish and make a difference in women’s lives. I wish you success and happiness in all the plans that you have for 2015.

How to contact Aimee:

Couples Photo Shoot Delight!

There’s no better way to celebrate a relationship than to capture it with some intimate images. Whether it’s a Valentine gift, an engagement, a birthday or anniversary present, the photographs that we capture during your couples shoot will give you a lifetime of smiles.  I’ve recently had the pleasure of photographing two gorgeous couples who had special occasions to celebrate.

Worth the drive from Malaysia

Natalie booked a surprise couples shoot for Carl, who was celebrating his birthday the day of the photo session. While Natalie was having her makeover done with the fabulous Gayathri Menon, I photographed Carl. He wanted some professional headshots done for work as well as some professional headshots for his second job as a DJ. Carl was completely comfortable in front of the camera and I think you’ll agree that he looks like a professional model as well as a very sophisticated DJ!

Natalie then stepped in front of the camera. She also wanted some headshots for work as well as some glamour portraits, so we spent the next hour creating exactly the looks she wanted. Her looks were a mixture of Hollywood siren and Audrey Hepburn and she certainly conveyed some vavoom that morning!

We finished the session with Natalie and Carl together, capturing some relaxed and romantic portraits. I caught a glimpse of the mutual respect, love and admiration that they have for each other, and although they have been together for many years they are still like young lovers. The romance was definitely in the air during this session and I was privileged to catch such an intimate glimpse of them together.

man poses for portraitmale dj professional portraits professional portraitwoman poses for corporate headshot glamorous female portrait sessioncouple photo shootromantic couple in photo shoot


First photos since their wedding

More recently, Felicia and John came to the studio for their couples photo shoot – they wanted some romantic photos to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Felicia said it had been many years since they had some proper pictures of themselves taken, and thought that the last ones were taken at their wedding!

Felicia was thrilled with her beautiful makeover; she works full time and rarely gets the chance to experience such pampering. The photo shoot was full of laughter and jokes, and was over far too quickly.  Felicia told me that they are going to put their portraits up on their bedroom wall – I hope that they bring Felicia and John lots of pleasure and happiness for many years to come.

Hair and Makeup for both couples photo shoots: Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

romantic couple laughing in photo shoot

photo session for coupleromantic couple together in studioromantic photo shoot print




Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions

Offer extended until the end of February 2015!

Ladies – I’m offering this amazing package just in time for Valentine’s Day. Book one of my Valentine’s Day mini sessions and you will have the perfect gift to give your man on the 14th.* I’ve booked an executive suite at the Regent Hotel in central Singapore and a wonderful hair/makeup artist to give to you a fabulous makeover – so we’ll be guaranteed to get some gorgeously unique portraits of you!

* Due to time restraints 1 5×7 print and 3 digital images (2 more in addition to the printed image) are offered in time for Valentine’s Day. If you would like to order an album, delivery will be made 3-4 weeks after ordering.

Sessions are extremely limited so book your spot now – call me on 9660-4176.

mini sessions for valentines day

Carrot Banana Peach Yoga Clothing

I’m a bit slow in posting this but I really want to show you the latest gorgeous yoga clothing from ecologically-friendly yoga clothing company Carrot Banana Peach. They manufacture amazing breathable clothes from natural fibres such as bamboo, banana, milk, soybean and aloe vera, in the most beautiful colours. Incredibly light and comfortable to wear (I have a few of their pieces!) the clothes also help you feel good about doing your part for the environment!

Check out a few of the lines below and you’ll be hooked. Singapore-based peeps can purchase this high quality, feel-good yoga clothing at one of Carrot Banana Peach’s six local outlets or browse the selection online. It’s all I needed to prompt me to take up yoga this year!

model holds yoga pose models holds yoga pose model meditates looking to sunset models relaxing in yoga clothing 3 Models wear pink yoga clothing

Christmas Glamour Package 2014

Looking for a unique and lasting gift this holiday season? Consider a Christmas Glamour Package with Amber Roberts Images. Amber has put together this thoughtfully-wrapped Christmas parcel, on offer from now until the end of December.

This luxurious stocking filler gives every woman who books with Amber Roberts Images an incredible experience, all in one package. It combines a fabulous makeover, a fun and affirming 2-hour photo shoot with Amber, and a portfolio of the best photographs you’ve seen of yourself

Christmas Special 2014


After the session you will get to choose your 6 favorite images, which will be delivered to you as gorgeous prints, beautifully presented in a hand-made artisan box. You will also receive the high-resolution digital copies of your selection so that you can share online or email to friends and family. In addition, the Christmas Glamour Package also entitles you to a discount of 10% off all a la carte products, just in case there is something else that you’d like to pop into the stocking!

Valued at $1,150, the Christmas Glamour Package is priced at $950, giving you a saving of $200 to spend on other Christmas gifts! Purchase the Christmas Glamour Package before the end of the year and use it any time before Valentine’s Day.

Whether for yourself, for a friend or a partner, this is truly a unique and unforgettable Christmas gift.

Call Amber on 9660-4176 for more information and bookings.

Portrait of a Busy Mum

busy mum

Vanda was the lucky winner of Amber Roberts Images’ International Women’s Day giveaway photo shoot, held in partnership with Sassy Mama Singapore earlier this year. She is a very busy lady, running a flourishing yoga business that brings the benefits of Hatha yoga and prenatal yoga to many people. You can learn more about her yoga business, called VandaYoga here. Vanda also has a toddler so her life is full-on as a busy mum. What I didn’t realize until later was that she also has a full-time job in an asset management company. The yoga is her business on the side; this lady is seriously impressive!

A pre-shoot glamour consultation is essential for a successful portrait session as it ensures that I am on the same page as you in terms of creative style. It takes a little thought and time but it means that you get look you want and the maximum time in front of my camera. In Vanda’s consultation we looked at screen shots and pictures that appealed to her, which helped me to envision the look she wanted to create. Knowing that Vanda’s final images were destined to be made into large canvases for her new house, I was able to capture her portrait with that purpose in mind.

The day of the shoot arrived, having been slightly delayed by a bout of Dengue Fever. Vanda came prepared with her selection of outfits, jewelry and shoes, and together with Gayathri (our talented professional hair and makeup artist) we put together 4 looks that she loved. We then spent the next couple of hours creating some gorgeous portraits.

A few weeks later I met with Vanda (during a quick break from her work) to deliver her products and she was thrilled. Here’s what she had to say:
“I was surprised and excited to learn that I had won the photo shoot. What a great way to pamper a busy mum! The experience started with a phone consultation with Amber who explained how the photo shoot would be and gave ideas for the photo shoot. She also provided a most useful glamour guide. The photo shoot started with hair and makeup where the makeup artist gave me tips for my personal routine. The two ladies put me at ease with their friendliness and because we are all mums here. Taking the photos was a fun process and the hair and makeup evolved with the outfits. Amber even went to buy fabrics to help me create a look I requested. It was a great day. I am really pleased with the photos. Each time I look at them, I feel young and beautiful again.”

I asked Vanda what her definition of beauty was. She replied, “Having a good heart, being self-confident and being beautiful from within.” I think you’ll agree that Vanda looks absolutely stunning: completely glamorous and elegant on the outside and beautiful on the inside, as defined by her own words. It’s my goal to transform the way women see themselves; let me help you see your own beauty that, in Vanda’s words, comes from within.

Hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling and Gayathri

busy mumbusy mum

busy mumbusy mum

busy mum

busy mum

busy mum 9-up amber click-oh


Introduction to French Lingerie Shop

I recently met with Lynda Adraste, founder and owner of French Lingerie We had a conversation about female beauty, starting a business, lingerie and living in Singapore. Here’s what we talked about as well as a photo that I took of Lynda. All the other photos were provided by Lynda.

Lynda Adraste Click-oh Photographylogo

Amber: It’s a pleasure to meet you Lynda. As a business owner with a focus on women I noticed your company a while ago, and have been looking forward to hearing your story. Could you tell me about yourself?

Lynda: I grew up in Paris and studied marketing at business school. I then worked for various advertising agencies doing online marketing for banks. In 2008 I had my son, stopped working for advertising agencies and launched my own business. It was a busy year! We moved briefly to London then 5 years ago we came to Singapore. Now I also have a delightful daughter who is 3 years old.

Amber: When did your passion with lingerie start?

Lynda: Lingerie is an integral part of French culture and tradition. Even as a teenager I was passionate about lingerie, spending all my pocket money on it! Everything about it fascinated me, especially the fabrics used to make them: silk, lace, net, satin, cotton, plumetis, Lycra: I love all of them!


A: What was your motivation to set up your company?

L: Three reasons. Firstly I didn’t want to work for a company any more, I felt like I was working hard for little recognition and questioned whether anyone was truly benefitting from all my hard work. I wanted to work for myself and to create something. Secondly I wanted to work in my passion and to help small designers promote their fabulous products, to promote products made in France as well as export the ‘savoir faire’ that the French have in the lingerie industry. The third reason was to have flexibility because I was starting my own family. I wanted to be there for my kids every time they need me, to have the opportunity to be a mother and run my business in the same time.

A: What makes French Lingerie Shop special?

L: I offer women high-quality lingerie that builds self-confidence: that is the biggest difference between French Lingerie Shop and the major players in the industry. All women have difference sizes, shapes, body types and tastes and we do not fit the stereotypes that we see in magazines. Because our lingerie is custom-made it fits each woman perfectly and makes her feel confident and beautiful. That is my mission!

In addition I was the first online underwear store focusing on designers as opposed to brands. My lingerie is designed and hand-made to order by small independent French designers, mostly located in Paris. One British designer just joined us so her lingerie is made in Britain. We offer a range of materials, designs, sizes (up to 38J and 20) and lingerie types, covering organic, maternity, fashion and romantic. Great attention is given to the intricate details that make each item unique. Orders are shipped worldwide straight from the designer to the customer. I am proud that not only am I supporting small designers to become more well-known, I am also providing my discerning clients with unique, luxurious and custom-made lingerie.

_DSC3996-chamane - ASSIAUma

A: What is your definition of female beauty?

L: It’s a combination of personality and the physical attention that a woman gives to herself. Having an open smile, being happy and positive gives someone a glow even if they are not classically “beautiful”. It changes the line of the face; when a person is not happy on the inside it shows on the outside. Also I think that women are more attractive when they make an effort to look their best. It shows that they value themselves, which to me is beautiful.

A: I always think that French ladies look so stylish – they have a certain way of dressing and carrying themselves that exudes glamour and style. It seems to come naturally too!

L: I think that French women know that wearing nice clothes makes you feel confident and beautiful and that starts with the lingerie. I know it helps me to walk a bit taller. I’m always telling women that feeling beautiful starts with you – underneath what you show the world. However women do need to wear underwear that fits properly and makes the most of the features you are proud of. As with normal clothes your lingerie should always fit you well, suit your skin/hair colour and be the best style for your shape.


A: What have you learnt through the challenges of being a female business owner ?

L: To trust myself more in my decisions. When I was setting up my website, logo, design, packaging etc. everyone had different ideas. I was pulled in all directions and confused. Eventually I went with what I liked. I trusted my own instincts and now my brand really is a reflection of me. Although I value other people’s opinions I’ve learned not listen to other people’s ‘helpful’ or negative comments about my business, which women do a lot.

A: What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business?

L: Delegate and outsource more. Find people to help you with things that you don’t want to do and work with experts to help build your business faster. Trying to do things yourself takes much more time when you have no experience eg. design, Photoshop. I would have been more efficient in the early days if I had thought of this!

dvt nuisette fever resize guepiere et tanga gris dvtbolero court fever prune

A: How do you balance work and family life?

L: When I started the business I was quite focused on my family. Now that my little one is older I’m ready to give the business more attention. I think there are 3 sides to my life right now: social, as a spouse and as a mother. There is also my work life. It’s hard to keep it balanced and sometimes one part gives more than other. Thankfully living in Singapore enables me to delegate house work and focus on the business. It also helps that the weather is great and I can spend more time outdoors!

A: How do you like to relax?

L: I haven’t read a book since I had kids! I like to go out for a nice lunch or dinner with my friends. I love to cook, to create special meals and share them with my husband (only when the kids are taken care of!) Otherwise when the kids are around I love having family time going to parks and exploring Singapore.

A: What’s your favourite restaurant?

L: The Tippling Club at Tanjong Pagar for lunch – amazing food at a nice price. Jaan, at the top of the Swissotel, serves amazing artisanal French cuisine and the views are incredible. I also like the Bistrot du Vin in the Shaw Centre, the Cliff on Sentosa and Mex Out for lunch, it’s close to my office at Far East Square so you’ll see me there a lot!

A: Do you have a favourite fashion brand?

L: In Singapore I like Massimo Dutti, the fabric is good quality, the pants fit me well and the style is quite European. The price isn’t too bad either, for Singapore!


A: What plans do you have for your business?

L: I’m focusing on building up my website as currently my biggest markets are the USA and Europe. I hope to see more interest from Asia and am trying to build my business here online. I would also like to hire an intern to help me. I can’t do it all by myself so I’m looking for extra help with communication, design, administrative, web management etc.

A: If someone wants to order how does it work with sizing?

L: You may be interested to know that around 70% of my clients are men, looking for gorgeous underwear to give their spouses or partners. I ask the client to send me her (or his partner’s) measurements and I select the best size based on my knowledge and long experience with each designer. I can even recommend the shape of bra depending on what type of support, shape or feel the client is looking for. I have lots of sizing information and conversion charts on my website here.

A: Which pieces of lingerie are the best sellers?

L: In term of designers the most popular are Assia and Maud & Marjorie. One of Assia’s best sellers is the Elfe range: it is a transparent nude tulle embroidered with black elfish faces, which creates a tattoo effect on the skin. The second popular line from Assia is the Butterfly line, ‘Papillon’. This range is made with an amazing blue tulle and adorned with their famous embroidered butterflies.

The Fever range from designers Maud & Marjorie is very popular. They update it every year with new colors and fabrics. The Pouhpouhpidouh line is also one of their best sellers – the mix of silk with black lace gives the lingerie a vintage feel and is one of the classic combinations for lingerie lovers.

Maud&Marjorie_Fever_Body Maud&Marjorie_PouhPouhPidou_Triangle_Culotte_PJ

A: Lynda, thank you so much for introducing me to French Lingerie Shop. The lingerie that you offer is beautiful and I love that we share the same mission: to enable women to feel good about themselves regardless of their shape, size, age or looks.

L: I’m excited to offer any clients that book a photo shoot with you a 15% discount code on my beautiful lingerie, and look forward to seeing my lingerie in your portraits!

To contact Lynda Adraste:


Facebook: Frenchlingerieshopcom


Phone: +65-8163 0102 and +33 6 1944 6453



Beautiful Portraits – get them taken ‘just because’

Isabella contacted me because she wanted to have some beautiful portraits taken of herself. After chatting for a while I learned that she used to model and makes regular updates to her collection of portraits. When I asked her why, she replied that she wants to have portraits of herself at every stage of her life – whatever she is doing and wherever she is living. Not just to pass on to her daughter but for herself… ‘just because’.

I think as women we are always making excuses not to have our portraits taken. We tell ourselves that maybe we’ll do it when we’ve lost weight/feel more toned, don’t feel so tired, have the time, can afford it etc. Or we just don’t see the need for it: why bother when I’ve got so many pictures of myself already? Or maybe it sounds just too embarrassing. I was the same myself: I never would have booked myself in for a glamour session because I felt far too embarrassed and self-conscious. When I turned 40 my husband bought me a glamour session and we fixed the date for 3 months ahead (that was the best goal I ever needed to go and hit the gym!) I researched the type of looks and style that I wanted and planned the shoot carefully, right down to which jewellery I would wear for each outfit. On the day I arrived feeling really nervous, however the photographer was a total pro and made me feel very at ease. With her directing me how to pose I got into the swing of things very quickly and started feeling my vulnerability and self-consciousness melt away. By the end of the shoot I was in another world, meaning that I felt boosted, happy and confident about myself.

OK, so my husband definitely benefitted from my glamour session but I think that I received much more than he did. The portraits remind me of those few hours when I felt strong, confident and beautiful from within. The photographer created some amazing pictures images that I am very proud of. I look at them sometimes and can’t quite believe it’s me but she helped me to see myself in a positive light. It was a pivotal point because after that I decided I wanted all women to experience that too. I started to turn my multi-genre photography business into one that purely focused on women.

Regardless of how you look right now there are many good reasons to make the time to get your portraits taken. Celebrating a birthday, giving them as a gift to someone special, making portraits to pass on to your children, marking the achievement of a weight loss goal etc. etc. But I believe that the best reason is to value yourself as you are right now and to capture it forever. Go ahead and take a leaf out of Isabella’s book and contact me for a portrait session ‘just because’. You’ll be glad you made the leap – if you wait for the right time it may never happen.

Amazing hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon. Visit her website at and Facebook page here.

beautiful portraits beautiful portraits

Senior Portraits with Jessi

Jessi and I were neighbors so I was delighted when she asked me to take her senior portraits! She told me that she loved the views and scenery along Highway 12 close to our neighborhood. On the day of the shoot we set off and began our senior photo session at the Kenwood Inn and Spa, a beautiful place that is frequently used for weddings and other events.

senior portrait

Next we chose an open grassy meadow and used a chair that Jessi had as a prop. The rolling hills of Sonoma County make a stunning backdrop don’t you agree?

senior portraits Plymouth MN senior portrait session

The last place we visited for Jessi’s senior photo session was one of the wineries – after all we were in the Wine Country!

senior portrait senior photos Plymouth MN

Fabulous Leaving Present for Friends

Looking for the perfect Singapore leaving present for friends? The Ultimate Girls Day Out package is a unique way to say a fond farewell to your girlfriends who have made your time here in Singapore so special.

Miriam and her friends were a close-knit group during their stay in Singapore but sadly most of them were about to move away. She wanted to find a way to capture the memories of her friends forever, so she booked a Girl’s Day Out session with Amber Roberts Images.  Being busy mums they were all highly organised with their time and their outfits – planning a session as much as possible always gets the best results!

The girlfriends arrived full of excitement; they had a wonderful time posing, laughing, sharing old stories and private jokes – generally enjoying themselves while looking their glamorous best and making more memories together!

They were thrilled with their photos: here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“Amber, thank you for the brilliant photos. I love them all, they are a great way to celebrate my friends and Singapore” – Miriam.

“The shots were amazing! I really enjoyed the whole process and will keep the memory of a treasured time in Singapore with my favourite women!” – Rachel

You and your friends will love being the focus of attention at one of these popular photo shoots from Amber Roberts Images. Call me now on 9660-4176 to book the Ultimate Girls Day out and get the perfect, unique leaving present for friends!


leaving present for friends

Goodbye gift for friends

leaving present for friends leaving present for friends leaving present for friends

Photos from the Things We Love ‘Salut to Styling’ event

Just going through my pictures from shooting a fantastic event called ‘Salut to Styling’ by Things We Love. This was the 5th pop-up shop at the fashionable Au Petit Salut French restaurant and another very welcome shopping opportunity!  TWL founders Tricia, Emma and Mel showcased a range of chic homeware, clothing, accessories and everything in between. Over a 3-day period the store was buzzing with shoppers snapping up some gorgeous and one-of-a-kind pieces.

One of the highlights was capturing styling and image consultant Julia Blank on camera as she shared some her advice with the girls at the event. I found it hard to concentrate on taking event photographs and not listen to what I have been doing wrong all these years!

Every few weeks the girls at Things We Love bring a treasure trove of unique items that are difficult to resist – follow them on their fabulous Facebook page here.

Want to join the next TWL pop-up? Come to their “Outfitting Party Spring Racing Style Soiree”, hosted jointly with ANZA at Boomarang Boat Quay for 1 night only on Wednesday 8th October. Tickets available at

Things We Love pop-up Things We Love pop up Singapore Things We Love pop up Singapore Things We Love pop up Singapore Things We Love pop up Singapore Things We Love pop up Singapore

Build Your Brand With a Better Corporate Headshot

Corporate HeadshotLike it or not, social media is an important part of our lives nowadays and how you brand yourself across online media is vital. Perhaps the most critical choice you need to make is the image you select to appear on your business or personal profile – the dreaded corporate headshot.

But headshots don’t have to be dull and dreary. I believe they should still reflect a woman’s inner and outer beauty and I pride myself in taking the time to help you capture a look that you’ll be proud to use to promote your personal brand here in Singapore!

Khim wanted to get a selection of looks for her new corporate headshots and we used several outfits to get an image she felt could work for her profile. While I always provide my opinion based on my experience and personal style I’ll always want to hear your preferences so that we get the pictures you’re looking for.

Click on the Contact tab and drop me a note to let me know what kind of look you want to capture and let’s build your brand together!

Hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon of and

A Mother’s Photo Session with Ruth

Do you have a treasured photo of yourself with your mother? Or special photos of you with your children? If you’re like me you’re probably the one behind the lens instead of in the picture. Most of the ‘good’ photos I have of me with my own mother are at family gatherings or in large groups. So now is the time to get some beautiful portraits of you and your children that you will cherish forever.

Ruth did just that. She was preparing to leave Singapore and this was my farewell/birthday gift to her.  She arrived for her Mother’s Photo Session and she and her kids filled the Amber Roberts Images studio with laughter as they enjoyed their time in front of the lens. Every image captures the deep bond between them. Here’s what Ruth has to say: “The shoot really was fun and the photos speak for themselves. They really do bring me pleasure every single day.”

Celebrate life as a mum with a fun, stylish Mother’s Photo Session. You’ll be the focus of attention surrounded by the little (or not so little) ones you love so much. Give me a call on 9660-4176 and let’s talk about getting you into the picture with your children.

Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session Mother's Photo Session

Dazzling Dominika shows how to glam it up!


Dominika booked a Girls’ Day Out session with a group of her friends who were about to leave Singapore.  They arrived with armfuls of gorgeous outfits, their favourite playlists, champagne and some snacks – ready to glam it up and excited for their fabulous makeover! As part of the session package each of the girls enjoyed some individual attention in front of Click-oh’s camera. Here is a selection of portraits from Dominika’s beautiful photo shoot. She was a real joy to photograph; relaxed, happy to go-with-the-flow and enjoying the glamour experience to the max. The shoot seemed to fly by; thankfully she and I both have some lovely pictures to remember the day 🙂

Here’s what she had to say about the experience: “On the day we had a ball. Amber had arranged for a wonderful hair and makeup artist to glam us up and whilst the next person was getting pampered Amber took us for our individual shots. We had champagne, nibbles and a good laugh. It was a great experience and one I would love to do again. I would thoroughly recommend Amber to anyone out there who is after a similar experience”. Read the rest of her review here.

I also really loved her pixie cut… I’m almost tempted to get the same hairstyle to make living in Singapore a bit easier!

Fabulous hair and makeup by Emma Haddock. She can be contacted through her website or at Indigo Artisans.

glam it upglam it upglam it upglam it up

Singapore Numama ladies choir ‘Lovely’ summer concert 2014

‘All You Need is Love’ was the theme for Numama ladies choir summer concert this year. Once again the lucky audience at the Hollandse Club Singapore was treated to an evening of beautiful singing and entertainment by Numama and the Ukuladies.  The programme was packed with romantic-themed summery songs such as ‘Summertime’ and the Cure’s ‘Love Cats’, ending with a surprise accompaniment by a trumpeter in the audience.

All proceeds from Numama concerts are donated to 2 charitable foundations: one home and one overseas.  The charity at home is The Little Arts Academy Singapore, which provides an arts curriculum for children from low-income families. Overseas, Numama supports the River Kids Choir (part of River Kids Project) in Cambodia.

If you would like to join the ladies choir to “Sing Support Escape” please contact Numama at

ladies choir ladies choir ladies choir

Yanna – Senior Portrait Photography

When Yanna asked me to work with her on a Senior portrait photography shoot I was thrilled. We have known each other for several years and I photographed her when she was younger. Now she has grown into a beautiful and confident woman who is just beginning on a new journey. I wish her all the best as she finishes high school and enters the ‘big wide world’.

For any of you not familiar with Senior portrait photography, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the use of these images:

Senior portraits are often included in graduation announcements or are given to friends and family. They are also used in yearbooks and are usually rendered larger than their underclassmen counterparts and are often featured in color, even if the rest of the yearbook is mostly reproduced in black and white. In some schools the requirements are strict regarding the choice of photographer or in the style of portraiture, with only traditional-style portraits being acceptable. Many schools choose to contract one photographer for their yearbook portraits, while other schools allow many different photographers to submit yearbook portraits.

Many parents choose to frame a large print of their child’s senior portrait for display in their home. One popular way of displaying the senior portrait is in a special photo mat cut to display small copies of the student’s school photos from kindergarten to their junior year, displayed in a circle (like the numbers of a clock) surrounding a larger opening for the senior portrait. Reference:

senior portrait photo shoot senior portrait photography plymouth senior portrait photography Plymouth Minneapolis Senior portrait photo session Senior portrait Plymouth

Need some glamorous profile pictures for work?

Michaela was looking for an updated profile picture for her brand new business Woolf Works in Singapore – one that conveyed exactly who she is in a relaxed but professional and polished way.  Working with Samina Malik of SAM M makeup artist and we got the looks that Michaela was after for her pictures.

Call Amber of Amber Roberts Images Minneapolis on 9660-4176 to book your corporate headshot session now.  Get the updated profile pictures you’ve been putting off and give your business a beautiful professional face!
Corporate headshot, glamorous, makeover, profile pictures

Kate Wins the Click-oh 2014 Women’s Day Photo Shoot!

Beautiful Kate Moreau was the lucky winner of Amber Robert’s 2014 Women’s Day photo shoot giveaway that I ran in collaboration with Sassy Mama. Kate arrived with her outfits planned and ready for a fabulous hair and makeup styling session with the awesome Emma Haddock.  When her pampering was over we spent the next 2 hours posing, laughing, perfecting ‘the look’ and getting excited about how amazing she looked on camera.  For someone who says she feels a bit shy in front of the camera and is normally the one taking pictures of her kids, I think you’ll agree that Kate is a natural. Kate, please get out from behind the camera more often!

women's day photo shoot Women's Day photo shoot

New for 2014! Girls Day Out Glamour Photo Shoot


I am excited to introduce the Amber Roberts Images Girls Day Out Shoot for Spring 2014!


Looking for a unique experience with your best friends in Minneapolis? This is the photo shoot where you can celebrate life and friendship with your Minnesota girlfriends through a unique, tailor-made photo session.  Whether in the studio or on location in Minneapolis, you will be treated to a double makeover and photo session designed to capture your special friendships on an occasion you’ll never forget. It might be a leaving-do, a fun night out with the girls, a baby-shower – the choice is yours.  Just make sure to plan a night out after the shoot because you will look amazing!

Hair and Makeup by Emma Haddock with assistance from Sophia Brear

Ultimate Girls' Day Out with Click-oh! Photography

To mark the launch of the Girls’ Day Out package and in collaboration with Sassy Mama Singapore – the ultimate site for mothers in Singapore – I am giving away a free photo shoot! Simply go to the Sassy Mama website and answer a very easy question to enter for a chance to win!

Girls' Day out photo shoot

All women deserve to be pampered and feel fabulous – now you can keep that feeling for a lifetime.

Call me today on 9660-4176 to book your glamour photo session.


Elegant Photo Shoot with Nadia

This was definitely an elegant photo shoot to remember! One look at Nadia and you can tell that she has done modeling before. With her beauty, height, composure and experience she was a real pro during the photo shoot. Her ability to connect with the camera shows in the photos and we all enjoyed putting together a variety of different looks during the session. As usual the session went by far too quickly…

Gorgeous hair, makeup and styling by Kelly Billimoria of Paparazzi Black.

elegant photo shootelegant photo shootelegant photo shoot

Congratulations to Expat Hair Studio

Congratulations to Kat Moss and Jaclyn Douglas on the recent opening of your new hair studio Expat Hair Studio on the East Coast!  As a resident on the East Coast of Singapore your new boutique hairdressing salon is very much appreciated – we now get to have a fantastic salon conveniently located in our very own neighborhood!  I wish you both the very best in your new business and much success and happiness this year. Also looking forward to all my future appointments at Expat Hair Studio myself!

expat hair studio expat hair studio

Recreating a Guess Advert in my garden

All the Guess advertisement campaigns are gorgeous but this one from 2012 caught my eye. I’ve had it pinned on my board for almost 2 years! Beautiful Waiyee helped with the recreation and did a stunning job of channelling Amber Heard.  We took this outside and I added the background later – just forgot the hunky guy! Call me to book your photo shoot and bring out the model in you!

Click-oh! Version of a Guess Girl

Numama Choir and Ukuladies Christmas Concert 2013

The ladies from Numama Choir and the Ukuladies put on a dazzling Christmas concert to a sold-out house at the Hollandse Club in Singapore. They thrilled the audience with a wonderful selection of weather-inspired and Christmas songs and tunes, wowing everyone with a fantastic rendition of ‘It’s Raining Men’. It was a superb event for all the family and I’m sure that all the husbands, partners, children and friends watching the ladies were immensely proud. As the photographer at fun events like these it’s always tough to stay focused on the job in hand! For more information on Numama please visit their website here.

Numama choir

Numama choirNumama choir

Christmas Gift Offer – $100 Mini Session Discount


Here’s the luxury Christmas gift that every woman in Singapore deserves to have at the top of her list this year … Book a Modern Beauty mini-session photo shoot with Amber Roberts Images by before January 15, 2014 and get $100 discount on your mini photo session anytime before April 15, 2014 – that’s a fantastic saving off the normal price!

Click-oh! Special Christmas OfferA Modern Beauty mini-session photo shoot with Amber Roberts Images is the perfect gift for any woman. I create empowering photography that captures and celebrates the natural beauty within every woman. Whether for a birthday, an anniversary or just a celebration of life take this opportunity to see yourself or your loved one polished to perfection! Each photo shoot is tailored to the individual desires of each client and 2-3 different ‘looks’ can be achieved in each session.


The discounted gift package includes:

– A pre-shoot consultation to discuss style, wardrobe, hair/make-up and location

– 90 minutes of shooting time

– Access to a private on-line viewing gallery where 40-50 images with basic retouching will be posted

– One teaser image with full retouching for digital viewing/sharing

Click on the ‘Contact’ navigation tab, fill in your details and quote the offer in the comments box to take advantage of this limited time offer. Remember – this Christmas gift offer is only valid up to midnight on January 15, 2014. Once bought, the Modern Beauty mini-session gift is valid for photo shoots booked all the way through to April 15, 2014.

Glamour Photography – Modern Beauty Shoot with Jennifer

This lady rocks! Jenn brought her ‘A game’ to this glamour photography shoot – and we had great fun putting together a stunning portfolio as a wedding anniversary gift for her lucky husband! The fact that she was also celebrating a birthday ‘with a zero’ made her even more amazing.  Classic, elegant, luxurious, feminine…. Jenn has it all – a true Modern Beauty!

Location for a glamour photography shoot and the choice of wardrobe really makes all the difference. We spent some time in front of the white screen with some warm-up shots but then quickly went through a range of wardrobe changes until Jenn found an outfit in which she really came alive. Some of my favourite shots from this shoot were actually of Jenn on top of an upright piano – location, location location!

Glamour 2013-12-01_0002

As you will have gathered from all my shoots and blogs, my main passion is photography for women:

I love to capture a sensual feel in all the images I create – whether simple romantic, fashion, boudoir or glamour photography … Over time I have found that every woman in front of my lens has the opportunity to (re)discover how beautiful she is and has a really positive experience that I hope stays with her for ages! On that note, here’s a fun link to an article about taking photographs of women with tips that everyone should be aware of… I particularly agree with the comment that “one hour with a sensitive professional [photographer] can change a woman’s view of herself forever”.  I have experienced this personally and I hope you can experience it too. It’s a bit like that forensic artist advert for Dove that’s doing the rounds right now – we women are our own worst critics – but I know that my camera can actually set the record straight.

Fashion Inspiration Photography

I draw much of my inspiration for my photo shoots from fashion magazines and this fragrance advert caught my eye.  The delicate colours and the soft dreamy feel are beautifully feminine, so I decided to have a quick go at making my own version.  With the help of the gorgeous Lana and the use of some Photoshop here is the resulting composite fashion inspiration ‘advert’.

Just a side-note on perfumes… Have you ever tried to describe a perfume to anyone? I tend to get a bit lost for words, but here’s a site that will really help!

Did you get that bit about Forbidden Europhoria? “The top notes will tempt us with iced raspberry, tangerine juices and delicate peach blossom of fruity flowery essences. The heart reveals amazing floral aromas of Tiger orchids, pink peony and jasmine flowers, while the base beats to the cadence of sensual musk, cashmere wood and patchouli.” 

And the feelings it inspires? “Euphoria evokes images of country kitchens, spaciousness, warm cider and friends gathering around the Thanksgiving holidays preparing a vast array of dishes while the air is brisk outside, the leaves have turned and a great many have fallen off the limbs of the trees”.

Thoughts on my fashion inspiration photography? Like it or hate it? Got an idea you think I should try out?

Click-oh! Photography Fashion Inspiration Photoshop composite,

Boudoir Photo Shoot with Bonnie

With striking looks that command attention you might think that Bonnie is as tough as nails but she also has a soft and sensuous side to her! With gentle grace Bonnie quickly got the hang of things in this pre-Singapore boudoir shoot and we got some fantastic images that captured her charisma and charm.

Singapore Boudoir Photo Shoot Singapore Boudoir Photo Shoot



Singapore Boudoir Photo Shoot

Bautista Wedding Photo Shoot in San Jose

Congratulations to Yanna and Blake! It was a real privilege to be at the celebration of this young couple’s wedding, surrounded by their closest friends and family. The contrast between military dress uniform and the pretty bridal gown made for some fantastic contrasting images and the relaxed smiles of the happy couple were just the icing on the (wedding) cake!

couple kissing at marriage ceremony IMG_9912 wedding portrait

Aguero Family Photo Shoot at Arrowood Winery

The Aguero family chose the Arrowood Winery in Sonoma County for their family photo shoot.  We met early one summer morning and had lots of fun taking pictures in this beautiful location.  When a shoot is this relaxed and full of laughter you know the results are going to be great – despite the chilly air!

A family portrait session is often made easier in the pre-shoot discussion by talking about the style you are looking for, providing examples of actual images you really like and want to copy or by just showing me the space in which you want the picture to hang. Sometimes seeing what other pictures are hanging nearby provides inspiration for a unique look and feel…

Now based in Plymouth, near Minneapolis MN, Amber is looking forward to taking your family photos too! Contact her 612-479-3454 for details of booking your family photo session.

Family photo shoot at Arrowood Winery Family Photo Shoot at Arrowood Winery

Special Birthday Party Event Photo Shoot with Wendy

Milestone birthdays are such boisterously joyful occasions that the pictures always come out well. With the peerless Kendall-Jackson Reserve wines in full flow, the evening was filled with laughter and getting candid and posed pictures was very easy! As the speeches from family and friends were made, it was quickly clear that this was a very special woman who inspires, delights, affirms and cares for everyone around her – it was incredible to listen to the long litany of heartfelt praise for such an awesome woman. Quite some party…