Backyard Family Photo Shoot in Vaud

Kristen contacted me to ask if I would do a backyard family photo shoot at their home in Chavannes-des-Bois. Her baby was turning 6 months old and she wanted some beautiful photos of him before he grew any bigger. She also told me that the previous 3 family photo shoots in France had both been cancelled due to COVID, so she was determined to make it happen!

Garden Photo Session

Kristen wanted to have the shoot outside on her sofa, which I thought would look fantastic in the photos. We just needed to get the timing right for the best weather and the right time of day! At the time of Kristen’s photo session larger groups were still allowed in Vaud, so we checked the forecast for the best weather and booked the photo session. I explained what measures would be in place to keep everyone safe: I would be wearing a mask, avoid physical contact with the family and keep my distance by only using longer lenses.

Capturing fun family time

Kristen did an amazing job of getting the children ready for the photo shoot. She had chosen some great coordinated outfits so that the whole family looked good in yellows and blues. The children were all so lovely and kind with each other – always such a joy to see siblings getting along together!

Ordering Session by Zoom

After the shoot we did a virtual Reveal & Ordering Session. Although most people prefer to come to my studio to choose their photos, see my products and discuss photo sizes etc., it’s definitely easier to meet on Zoom. Especially if you have little ones like Kristen does! So she and her husband chose one of my popular digital packages and ordered a print enlargement of the children for the wall. Scroll down to see which photo was their favourite! This precious family photo will take pride of place in their living room and will bring them joy every day. 

Gallery from the Family Photo Shoot

  • family on the sofa in backyard photo session geneva
  • father and son photo shoot
  • toddler plays outside in family garden photo session
  • brother and sister in garden photo shoot
  • father kisses his baby son
  • mother giggles with her daughter
  • brothers sit together on sofa in outdoor photo session
  • baby boy has tummy time on the couch
  • young toddlers hang out together on the couch
  • mother holds her baby son
  • father embraces his young daughter tenderly
  • family sits together on couch in garden photo shoot geneva
  • couple embrace during outdoor photo session geneva
  • brother and sister have some cuddle time
  • parents hold their baby son in beautiful golden light
  • father cuddles his daughter in family photo shoot vaud
  • young girl laughs during backyard photo session
  • two sisters play with daisies in outdoor photo session geneva
  • family photo session outside in geneva
  • family plays outside together during backyard photo shoot near geneva
  • parents cuddle their baby in vaud outdoor photo session
  • family plays outside together during backyard photo shoot near geneva
  • adorable group of four siblings cuddle together on the couch in vaud family photo shoot

So which photo went up on the wall?

Kristen and her husband had several favourite family photos but the last one was their favourite picture of the children. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes from when I went to the print lab to have a large print made. I always check for colour control and a perfect finish, so that I can guarantee that it’s pristine for you the client. I want it to look fantastic on your wall!

Kristen, well done for prioritising family photos and for making your photo shoot happen. I hope you loved your backyard family photo shoot as much as I did, and hope that this precious family photo brings you joy and happiness every day!

For most parents, capturing their family together on significant milestones is very important because their children grow up so quickly. Within a few months all of these children will look so different! If you want to have a beautiful record of your family’s wonderful experiences and moments together, contact me about booking your next family photo shoot.

For more details and information on the beautiful products that I offer please visit my Products Page.

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