Beautiful Portraits – get them taken ‘just because’

Isabella contacted me because she wanted to have some beautiful portraits taken of herself. After chatting for a while I learned that she used to model and makes regular updates to her collection of portraits. When I asked her why, she replied that she wants to have portraits of herself at every stage of her life – whatever she is doing and wherever she is living. Not just to pass on to her daughter but for herself… ‘just because’.

I told myself the same excuses!

As women we are always making excuses not to have our portraits taken. We tell ourselves that maybe we’ll do it when we’ve lost weight/feel more toned, don’t feel so tired, have the time, can afford it etc. Or we just don’t see the need for it: why bother when I’ve got so many pictures of myself already? Or maybe it sounds just too embarrassing. I was the same myself: I never would have booked myself in for a glamour session because I felt far too embarrassed and self-conscious.

When I turned 40 my husband bought me a glamour session and we fixed the date for 3 months ahead (that was the best goal I ever needed to go and hit the gym!) I researched the type of looks and style that I wanted and planned the shoot carefully, right down to which jewellery I would wear for each outfit. On the day I arrived feeling really nervous, however the photographer was a total pro and made me feel very at ease. With her directing me how to pose I got into the swing of things very quickly and started feeling my vulnerability and self-consciousness melt away. By the end of the shoot I was in another world, meaning that I felt boosted, happy and confident about myself.

A pivotal experience

OK, so my husband definitely benefitted from my glamour session but I think that I received much more than he did. The portraits remind me of those few hours when I felt strong, confident and beautiful from within. The photographer created some amazing pictures images that I am very proud of. I look at them sometimes and can’t quite believe it’s me but she helped me to see myself in a positive light. It was a pivotal point because after that I decided I wanted all women to experience that too. I started to turn my multi-genre photography business into one that purely focused on women.

Regardless of how you look right now there are SO many good reasons to make the time to get your portraits taken! Celebrating a birthday, giving them as a gift to someone special, making portraits to pass on to your children, marking the achievement of a weight loss goal etc. etc. But I believe that the best reason is to value yourself as you are right now and to capture it forever. Go ahead and take a leaf out of Isabella’s book and contact me for a portrait session ‘just because’. You’ll be glad you made the leap – if you wait for the right time it may never happen.

Amazing hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon. Visit her Facebook page here.

beautiful portraits beautiful portraits

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