Behind the Sophisticated Headshot

Portrait of a Professional and Sophisticated Woman


It’s my goal to provide you with the contemporary, authentic and sophisticated headshot that you need. Professional and sophisticated are not mutually exclusive  – you won’t find any prim and proper, stuffy corporate headshots here. Many women have walked into my studio over the past year and although they have all been different they have shared many of the same characteristics.

This is the portrait I want to share now, and although I’m much more comfortable using imagery than words here is my portrayal of the women I have met.

selection of elegant female professional headshots

What’s She Like?

The woman who books a sophisticated headshot session with me takes pride in how she looks, regardless of her age, and she welcomes getting older gracefully. She accepts her laughter lines as reminders of all the fun times she has had, and the wisdom that she has gained – and therefore does not want them removed. This person is in tune with her feelings and is mindful of her actions: she knows herself, her limits and what she wants. Exercising, eating right and meeting friends keep her healthy and happy. This lady is adventurous, fun-loving, energetic and positive – she lives life to the full. She may be introvert or she may be extrovert. My client may have kids or she may have cats. She is kind-hearted, generous and gracious, but she is never a doormat. While she accepts the views of others and remains outwardly-focused, she stands firm in her own beliefs. This lady stays in tune with local and global affairs and always feels for those in need, doing her part to assist however she can.

6 women pose for corporate headshots in the studio

She is unique in so many ways!

The woman who walks in my studio is self-motivating, goal-orientated, extremely competent and efficient. Common sense and emotional intelligence are her best friends. She is bold in making choices for her family or career and is flexible to new ideas, trends and opportunities. This lady is not a fashionista however, or someone who mindlessly follows the latest fads – she sets her own style and makes wise judgments about what is beautiful, meaningful and worthwhile. She is a global citizen, having lived in many countries outside of her own; she takes the best of what she has learnt from those cultures and applies them to herself. Her world-wide experiences make her even more unique and irreplaceable.

6 women get their headshot taken

I’m grateful to have met you

I have had the absolute privilege of meeting so many such women over the past 12 months. They are an inspiration to me and during every shoot I learn something from them. My glamour sessions are 2 hours and my corporate headshot sessions are only 1 hour – that’s all it takes sometimes to learn big lessons from someone else.

Ladies – you know who you are – thank you for booking your corporate headshot session with me.  I remember each of your stories and all that you shared with me!  Thank you for encouraging me to become more positive, resilient, confident and self-accepting. I’m grateful to have met you.

women pose for sophisticated headshots

Corporate headshots with Amber Roberts Images are about portraying the strong and feminine woman. If you live in the Geneva – Lausanne – Vaud area and are thinking about updating your headshots, call me on +41 79 866 6216. Or click the button below, fill out the form and I’ll reply within 24 hours.  

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