Portrait of a Busy Mum

busy mum

Vanda won my International Women’s Day giveaway photo shoot. You will remember that it was held with Sassy Mama Singapore earlier this year. Vanda is a very busy lady, running a flourishing yoga business that brings the benefits of yoga and prenatal yoga to many people. You can learn more about her yoga business called VandaYoga here. She also has a toddler so her life is full-on as a busy mum. What I didn’t realise until later is that in addition has a full-time job in an asset management company. The yoga is her business on the side; this busy mum is seriously impressive!

Start with the end in mind

A pre-shoot glamour consultation is essential for a successful portrait session as it ensures that I am on the same page as you in terms of creative style. It takes a little thought and time but it means that you get look you want and the maximum time in front of my camera. In Vanda’s consultation we looked at screen shots and pictures that appealed to her, helping me to envision the look she wanted to create. Knowing that Vanda wanted her images to be made into large canvases for her new house, I was able to capture her portraits with that purpose in mind.

The day of the shoot arrived, having been slightly delayed by a bout of Dengue Fever. Vanda came prepared with her selection of outfits, jewellery and shoes. I love it when clients arrive with suitcases of options! We put together 4 looks that she loved then spent the next 2 hours creating some gorgeous portraits.

“It was a great day!”

A few weeks later I met with Vanda (during a quick break from her work) to deliver her products and she was thrilled. Here’s what she had to say:
“I was surprised and excited to learn that I had won the photo shoot. What a great way to pamper a busy mum! The experience started with a phone consultation with Amber who explained how the photo shoot would be and gave ideas for the photo shoot. She also provided a most useful glamour guide. The photo shoot started with hair and makeup where the makeup artist gave me tips for my personal routine. The two ladies put me at ease with their friendliness and because we are all mums here. Taking the photos was a fun process and the hair and makeup evolved with the outfits. Amber even went to buy fabrics to help me create a look I requested. It was a great day. I am really pleased with the photos. Each time I look at them, I feel young and beautiful again.”

I asked Vanda what her definition of beauty was. She replied, “Having a good heart, being self-confident and being beautiful from within.” I think you’ll agree that Vanda looks absolutely stunning: completely glamorous and elegant on the outside and beautiful on the inside, as defined by her own words. It’s my goal to transform the way women see themselves; let me help you see your own beauty that, in Vanda’s words, comes from within.

Hair and makeup by Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling and Gayathri Menon.com

busy mumbusy mum

busy mumbusy mum

busy mum

busy mum

busy mum 9-up amber click-oh


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