Carrot Banana Peach Yoga Clothing

I’m a bit slow in posting this but I really want to show you the latest gorgeous yoga clothing from ecologically-friendly yoga clothing company Carrot Banana Peach. They manufacture amazing breathable clothes from natural fibres such as bamboo, banana, milk, soybean and aloe vera, in the most beautiful colours. Incredibly light and comfortable to wear (I have a few of their pieces!) the clothes also help you feel good about doing your part for the environment!

Check out a few of the lines below and you’ll be hooked. Singapore-based peeps can purchase this high quality, feel-good yoga clothing at one of Carrot Banana Peach’s six local outlets or browse the selection online. It’s all I needed to prompt me to take up yoga this year!

model holds yoga pose models holds yoga pose model meditates looking to sunset models relaxing in yoga clothing 3 Models wear pink yoga clothing


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