Branding Photos – Johdi Woodford, Gland

You know you need them. Branding photos of you looking sharp, professional, confident, approachable…whatever the personality of your brand is. BUT – you feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera and can’t stand being the centre of attention. You’re not the only one! When Johdi Woodford contacted me to update her brand imagery she […]

Personal Branding Photos for Rosie Diaz, Life Coach – Aubonne, Vaud

My own journey of self-development is always introducing me to new people, podcasts, books and ideas. I’m constantly trying to improve myself, learn about what’s new and keep up with ‘who’s who’ in the self-development world. All while trying to be present in a family with 3 teens, run my business and squeeze the most […]

How do you have a great photo shoot with toddlers?

“We have lots of photos of our kids obviously but never of all of us together.”  You know how it is when you’ve got toddlers. You have at least a thousand photos of your children on your phone, maybe a few of them with your husband, but just a handful with yourself. And most of […]

From Bump to Bliss: Capturing the Joyous Journey to Motherhood with Maternity Photos

The journey to motherhood is such an incredible and unforgettable part of a woman’s life, which is why it was a huge privilege and a pleasure to take Charlotte’s maternity photos. Although it’s different for every mother, the 40 weeks of pregnancy is always a thrilling time and definitely one worth capturing on camera. When […]

Mandy Thomas – Simply Yoga Online – Commugny Yoga Practice

Mandy Thomas’s upbeat and positive attitude and her ‘real yoga for real people’ philosophy were what attracted me to her yoga practice. The lovely essential oils and delicious tea that she served after her in-person yoga classes may have had something to do with it too! Whatever the reason, I quickly became a regular: her […]

Personal Branding Photo Shoot, Delphine Martin Nutritionist, Commugny

Personal Branding Photos to launch a New Business! Delphine Martin is planning to launch her nutrition business (coming in early 2021!) and needed some professional personal branding photos for her website and social media. She wanted to position herself as a professional and appeal to her target consumer. She also wanted to create a strong […]

Stunning Family Photo Shoot in the Fall Colours of the La Côte Region

Capture the Moment! “We have two daughters – one is two and one is 1 month old. I would like to capture this beautiful moment in our family” was what Theresa said in her first inquiry. She described how she wanted a family photo shoot in the fall colours which blanketed the whole La Côte […]

Backyard Family Photo Shoot in Vaud

Kristen contacted me to ask if I would do a backyard family photo shoot at their home in Chavannes-des-Bois. Her baby was turning 6 months old and she wanted some beautiful photos of him before he grew any bigger. She also told me that the previous 3 family photo shoots in France had both been […]

Portraits of My Sister – Cancer Free!

It had been over a year since we were last together, and this time especially I was determined to capture some portraits of my sister on camera.  Roller-coaster ride Cherry was diagnosed with breast cancer in Jan 2019. When she first told me her diagnosis I felt so confused – how could someone so young […]

Graduation Pictures for Senior Students of Ecolint Geneva

Congratulations to all these wonderful graduates! With the pandemic wreaking havoc on all the end-of-year graduation parties and activities, I wanted to do something special for the senior students at my children’s school. So, during the month of July I offered a special gift for families at the Ecole Internationale de Geneve. The offer was […]