Capturing the Joy of Expectancy: A Maternity Photo Shoot in the Jura

Couple embrace in outdoor maternity photo shoot with Jura Mountains behind

From Bump to Bliss – a stunning maternity photo shoot There’s a magic that unfolds when a couple embarks on the journey of parenthood. The anticipation, the excitement, the blossoming love for a tiny human yet to meet – it’s a time etched in memory forever. And what better way to preserve those precious moments […]

From Bump to Bliss: Capturing the Joyous Journey to Motherhood with Maternity Photos

The journey to motherhood is such an incredible and unforgettable part of a woman’s life, which is why it was a huge privilege and a pleasure to take Charlotte’s maternity photos. Although it’s different for every mother, the 40 weeks of pregnancy is always a thrilling time and definitely one worth capturing on camera. When […]