From Bump to Bliss: Capturing the Joyous Journey to Motherhood with Maternity Photos

Maternity photos in a timeless photo album

The journey to motherhood is such an incredible and unforgettable part of a woman’s life, which is why it was a huge privilege and a pleasure to take Charlotte’s maternity photos. Although it’s different for every mother, the 40 weeks of pregnancy is always a thrilling time and definitely one worth capturing on camera.

When Charlotte first contacted me to take her maternity photos she was very early on in her pregnancy. More than a year and 5 photo sessions later, we did a photo shoot with her adorable little boy and husband. I can’t believe how fast that time has flown by and how much excitement has happened in that time. And it’s all captured in a gorgeous selection of photos…. I wish I had done the same for my pregnancies!


Timeless maternity photos

We started photographing Charlotte’s baby bump in the 3rd month of the 1st trimester. I say ‘bump’ but she wasn’t showing at all! She brought a simple black outfit that allowed us to show her belly in a beautiful and timeless way. This look was then repeated for the following pregnancy photo shoots, and we incorporated other colourful looks and outfits into each session.

woman in first trimester of pregnancy during maternity photo session. seance photo future maman suisse.


First trimester

Half-way through pregnancy…

Charlotte and I always talked about how she felt, and our conversations reminded me of the rollercoaster of emotions that come and go during pregnancy. The excitement, exhaustion, wonder and anticipation… and all those hormones!!! Seeing other mothers-to-be go through pregnancy always fills me with the same feelings. Mostly excitement though, because I know what’s on the other side! 


beautiful pregnant woman in maternity photos shoot geneva switzerland. Seance photo grossesse Suisse romande


5 months

Into the last trimester – the third photo shoot

At the 7th month Charlotte brought her husband to the studio to join her for the session. Despite a photo shoot not always being Dad’s idea of fun, it’s so special to go get both parents-to-be in the maternity photos. Although they may grumble, the Dads usually agree that it’s worth the 45 minutes of posing!


Maternity photos showing mum-to-be laughs with husband during pregnancy photo session. Photographe de maternite Geneve et Vaud.


7 months

The fourth Maternity Photo Shoot

By the time the last pregnancy session came around, Charlotte was a pro. She arrived full of excitement rather than nerves, was relaxed in front of my studio lights and had no problem with posing! After taking the usual ‘black outfit’ maternity photos, we got creative with a blue piece of fabric, as Charlotte already knew she was having a boy…..


photo of woman in maternity photo session Vaud Switzerland. Seance de photo maternite Suisse

Portraits of a new mother with her baby

A few months after Charlotte delivered her baby, she and her husband came in for the final photo session with their son. He was such a little cherub… always smiling and happy and a real bundle of cuteness. It was a joy to photograph this sweet new family!

Charlotte decided to collect the memories of her first pregnancy in a beautiful photo book. She chose a gorgeous linen cover for the book, which was filled with all her favourite bump+baby photos from the last 12+ months. I also created a gallery of maternity photos for her to frame and put on the wall. There’s nothing better than seeing your favourite photos every day: it’s the easiest way to bring joy into your life 💗


portrait of new family with baby. Maman suisse


Charlotte – thank you for choosing me to take your maternity photos. I’m so delighted that you have captured your pregnancy journey forever with these photos. Now you’ll always remember your maternity journey and how your body changed through all those weeks of pregnancy!


In Charlotte’s words

“I can definitely say that my maternity photo shoots were a beautiful and special thing to do. I now have a photo book that has all the memories of my pregnancy and of my baby, and those images will follow us for the rest of our lives. At the moment my husband and I are enjoying seeing the photos in the book, but in the future my baby will enjoy it and maybe his children too because the quality is fabulous. I’m very pleased and happy with the work you did. The quality is amazing. I can’t wait to bring my baby to you to take pictures of him walking, then standing, then to take photos of my future pregnancies!

Spring 2021


Some more of Charlotte’s Maternity Photos – and the keepsake products she chose


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