Couples Photo Session by Amber Roberts

couple sits together against backlight in couples photo session

This was a couples photo session that I will always remember because Diana and Nader are two very special people. Spend any time with them and you will quickly see why they are together. They are two of the most genuine, gentle and kind-hearted people that you will meet. It was a real privilege for me to take their portraits and to capture their relationship on camera.

Diana and Nader travel a lot and there was only one possible Saturday over a 3-month period that would work for this special couples photo session. When their shoot began Nader was first in front of the camera, while Diana was treated to her makeover. Looking extremely sophisticated in some new suits, he rocked his solo session and got some fantastic head shots for work. When Diana was ready we focused on the task in hand: capturing them together! As a photographer it really is a privilege to get within a couple’s ‘personal space’ and to portray the relationship that they have.

Scroll down for a small selection of Diana and Nader’s order that gives a mini peek into what they will be hanging on their walls. Definitely worth saving some prominent wall space for don’t you think?!

Your relationship will grow, evolve and change shape through the coming years, so it’s important that you capture yourselves as you are today.  Now is the time to book a couples photo shoot, especially if you have an anniversary with a 5 or 0 in it!  Call me on 9660-4176 to book your session and be sure to plan a romantic evening out (or in) afterwards!

Makeup: Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

couples photo session against black background couple wearing black and white in couples photo session couple wearing black and white in couples photo session


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