Family Photos by Lac Leman

His oldest son was about to graduate from high school and was weeks away from starting university. Very far from home.

In addition to this he explained that all his children were now teenagers and had grown up since the last family photo session. So this father from my kids’ school contacted me to get some new family photos. Clearly, he valued having pictures of his family around him. His priority was to have something visible to remind him of the times they were together before the children grew up and went their separate ways.

Capture the family together before a child leaves home

As a parent I can understand how the family dynamics change when a child leaves home, even if only for a few days. But when a child goes to start university it signifies the beginning of their journey into the Big Wide World. They start the last stage of their education and prepare for working life – that to me sounds like an almighty change that will affect the whole family. For many families, it’s the last time that they will be living together as a family unit. After that, it will require more effort and co-ordination to get everyone together for family photos, particularly if there are several siblings. I know this because I’m one of six and we are only able to be together once in a blue moon. Kudos to Raphael for organising the family photo shoot at such a momentous and busy time!

What to Wear to a photo shoot

Raphael asked me about what to wear, which can be tricky if there are teenagers involved. However, Raphael told me that he himself was going to buy his boys some shirts for the photos, and that he was confident that they would be willing to wear them! On top of that: he was going to take them to get their hair cut. Don’t forget that this was the end of May so hair salons were just re-opening after the COVID-restrictions. I was UH-MAZED as my teenagers don’t agree to wear clothes that I’ve bought for them without a LOT of grumbling. They also refuse to have their hair cut unless they’ve picked the exact moment in time. They would NEVER agree to have both new clothes and hair at the same time – so more kudos to Raphael.

The vision for the family photo session

Raphael described what he wanted for the family photo shoot. He sent me pictures of his favourite family pictures so that I could see what appealed to him. Between us we fixed on the destination of the Chateau in Rolle and the vineyards in Mont-sur-Rolle. That way we would be able to get family pictures by Lake Geneva as well as in the vineyards of the La Cote.

We met at Raphael’s home for his wife’s pre-session makeover. All my photo shoots include a makeover and he thought Isabelle would enjoy the experience. In addition, she was working all day AND had no idea about the shoot – Raphael had kept it as a surprise!!! Even more kudosl!!

Capturing fun family time

After the makeover we headed to the Chateau of Rolle and started the photo session by Lac Leman. Raphael had organised everyone to be wearing shades of blue, white and beige so the whole family looked perfect. We then drove up the slopes of the Jura towards Mont-sur-Rolle to finish the family photo session. There are some places that look really fantastic later in the day, when the sun is at its most golden.

The boys were a lot of fun to be around and were a real credit to their parents. They were relaxed, open to direction and happy to comply with all my requests. My boys said they would NEVER agree to walk in a line with their parents! As for Raphael and Isabelle, they were like a pair of love-birds who simply enjoyed the precious moments ‘en famille’. To you both: you have a beautiful family and it was a real privilege to photograph you at this important stage in your lives. I’m so glad you decided to do this. Now before I get too teared up, let’s move on to the family photos…

Gallery from the Family Photo Shoot

  • portrait of a family in Rolle by Lake Geneva Switzerland
  • teenage brothers in photo shoot by lake geneva
  • family walks together along lake geneva switzerland
  • 3 brothers laugh together during photo session by lake geneva
  • portrait of 3 teenage boys wearing blue shirts
  • three teenage brothers walk beside lake geneva switzerland
  • teenage boys by lac leman
  • couple pose for photo beside lac leman
  • black and white portrait of laughing couple by lake geneva
  • black and white photo of family in La Cote vineyards switzerland
  • family pictures above lake geneva in swiss vineyards
  • teenage boy in rolle vineyards
  • black and white portrait of couple above lake geneva
  • teenager overlooking lake geneva
  • teenage boy above lac leman
  • teenager by lake geneva
  • family poses for photo above lake geneva in la cote vineyards
  • family strolling through rolle vineyards
  • family with teenagers walks in La Cote vineyards for photo shoot

So what did Raphael and Isabelle choose?

Well, they chose several products to display their favourite family photos. They ordered some enlargements to frame and hang on their wall, and a stunning Reveal Box to hold and display the rest of their favourites. I offer my clients a choice of colour for their folio boxes to help them complement the decor of their home. Raphael and Isabelle choose a gorgeous marine blue leather cover. Their Reveal Box and prints were then custom-made in a top-end lab in Italy. When their order arrived, it had the luxurious, premium feel that all my products have. Here are some photos of their prints and box just before I delivered them to the family.

For most parents, getting their family together and keeping the memories alive is very important because their children grow up so quickly. Family photos like these will be treasured by you, your children and your children’s children. If you want to have a beautiful record of your family’s wonderful experiences and moments together, contact me about booking your next family photo shoot.

Hair and Makeup by Christine Pothier. Click here for more of her work.

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