Family Photos of Three Generations – more than just pictures

I am often called upon to document special relationships and moments in people’s lives. One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had was working with Alisia to capture some family photos of three generations of the women in her family.

Now you may be wondering, why would someone do that?

Being my family’s visual historian, I understand the importance of preserving the story of a family. Of recognising the special relationships that exist between family members. Alisia also knows the importance of preserving memories with her family, not just for her own sake but for the generations of her family to come. The exquisite photo box and photo album she ordered are a testament to this.

photo box holding family photos of three generations of women

So why are family photos of three generations so precious?

I’ll give you several reasons straight away, then you can read about the photo session afterwards.

They capture a moment in time

A photograph freezes a particular moment in time and preserves it for years to come. When three generations of women are captured in a single photograph, it creates a powerful visual representation of the passage of time and the continuity of family relationships.

They celebrate family connections

A photograph represents the bond and connection between three generations of women, which can be a source of pride and joy for each of them. It also symbolises the legacy that is passed down from one generation to the next.

They highlight the beauty of diversity

Three generations of women from different age groups, backgrounds, and experiences represent a diverse range of perspectives and values. A photograph captures this diversity and highlights the beauty of each generation’s unique qualities.

They create a sense of nostalgia

Looking at a photograph of three generations of women can bring back memories and emotions associated with family gatherings, traditions, and shared experiences. It can create a sense of nostalgia for those who are no longer with us and a sense of gratitude for the memories that have been created.

photo box holding family photos of three generations of women

Now on to Alisia’s three-generation photo shoot…

Alisia wanted some family photos of three-generations of women to celebrate her daughter’s 12th and her mother-in-law’s 80th birthdays. I was thrilled to be a part of capturing some special moments in a unique and memorable way, especially as the shoot was actually on her daughter’s birthday!

photo box holding family photos of three generations of women

Three generations of women united in a moment of love and connection

The photo session started in my studio, where my makeup artist Nataliya and I welcomed our three lovely clients for the day. It was fantastic to be working with three generations of women and capturing their personalities and relationships in photographs. During the photo session, I could see Alisia’s family legacy at work. As a family photographer, it’s my job to document these moments together and create something that will last for generations – what a privilege!

Family Photo showing three generations of women in studio photo shoot Geneva

We also captured some individual photos!

Since two of my lovely clients were celebrating birthdays, we had to capture some photos of the birthday girls too!

We even took photos for Alisia’s business and website

In addition to the family photo session, Alisia also asked me to take some branding photos for her three businesses. It was a privilege to work with her to create something that aligned with her brand and captured her personality. The outdoor session at the Chateau de Bossey was a stunning experience, and the natural light and spring flowers added an extra dimension to the photographs. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase her brand and capture the essence of her businesses in photographs. If you’d like to see some of these photos on her website, please visit Maren Designs.

Family is a connection to life, a tie to the past, and a road to the future

It’s a sentiment that rings true in the photos that we captured with Alisia.

The photo session with Alisia’s family was meaningful, special, and unique because it celebrated three generations of women and their bond. It was a chance to create lasting memories that they will treasure for years to come. The experience also brought them closer together and gave them something tangible to hold onto, even as time passes and circumstances change.

family photos of three generations of women

How did Alisia choose to display the photos?

To preserve the memories of the photo session, Alisia ordered an exquisite photo box for her mother-in-law, a stunning personalised photo album for her daughter, and some prints for herself. Not to mention a whole load of business branding photos! What a beautiful and unique way to showcase her most cherished photographs in a way that shows her family’s love and connection.

What Alisia said about the family photo shoot experience:

Alisia was delighted with her family photos of three generations, and left me this wonderful review on Google:

It was a magical day for my daughter and my mother-in-law. I was not sure that I wanted to spend my daughter’s actual 12th birthday in session most of the day, but it proved to be the perfect decision. Three generations came together to capture some unforgettable moments. Thanks, Amber for making it seem effortless!

Alisia G

Thank you for these kind words Alisia – it truly was a magical day and such an honour for me to photograph three generations of your family. Your photos are incredibly precious and I’m so grateful that you took the time to capture those moments and special relationships. Thank you for making it a priority to create some legacy portraits: they are so much more than just pictures!

Family Photo showing three generations of women in studio photo shoot Geneva

If you would like to capture your most precious relationships, please contact me. I would love to design a family photo shoot that captures your family’s unique personality and adds another strand to your family’s legacy.

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