A Cherished Family Portrait Recreated Over a Decade Later

Krisztina booked a photo session with a very unique request: to recreate her favourite family portrait that had been taken 13 years ago. She shared the original photo with me, saying that it took pride of place on the wall at home. It showed Krisztina and her husband seated, with their son laying across their laps and their daughter clinging onto Dad’s neck. Such a precious photo!

Here’s the original:

Creating Fun Memories together

Krisztina works full-time and her family is very busy, so I was really impressed that she coordinated everyone’s schedules to make the shoot happen. In addition, her son was now twice the size and almost a grown man, so I wasn’t sure if he would cooperate. Thankfully for Krisztina he was very relaxed and readily agreed.

Roll around Photo Shoot Day and everyone arrived at the photo studio in their first outfits, ready to go. We didn’t have a lot of time so I decided to keep it simple – 1 light setup and 1 dark setup. I took photos of the siblings together, everyone individually, then the whole family together.

Everyone enjoyed themselves… I really appreciated Dad’s sense of humour which set the relaxed and playful tone. The teens totally nailed their looks and obviously enjoyed being together – not always a given!

The Photos Make Us Truly Happy

A couple of weeks after the shoot Krisztina came to the photo studio to choose her family portraits. She ordered ‘the’ picture for her wall, the portrait at the top of this page** and a collage to give to her mum.

Firstly, here’s the fun family photo that we recreated. It’s going to be hung next to the original one from years ago:

Krisztina then ordered a selection of other pictures that she asked me to make into an acrylic collage. The final result looked fantastic – so modern and minimalist. I took a picture and a short video of it…scroll down to the bottom to see them.

I absolutely love these family portraits and think that Krisztina’s family could be featured in a magazine! Later I asked her how she felt about her family portraits. Here’s what she said:  

Thank you Amber for creating a fun replica of my dearest old photo, in a whole new light! We had a great time doing the shoot, Amber is super dedicated, she puts her heart into her work. Even our ever-critical teenagers relaxed and visibly enjoyed the session. The end products made my family truly happy, both the prints and the digital photos are of outstanding quality.

Read here to see the full review.

The High Value of a Family Portrait

Krisztina – like all my clients – places high importance on taking professional family photos. Children grow up quickly and will soon leave home, so I urge you to take every opportunity to capture your family together, as you are now. To create a ‘legacy’ family portrait that will be cherished for generations.

In addition, it’s normally Mum who is the one behind the camera/phone taking the family photos, so she is rarely in the picture herself. Although I can totally relate and would also rather not be photographed, I do feel like we owe it to those we love to exist in photos. Click the button below to learn more about working with me to create your family portraits.

Some of Krisztina’s family portraits

The Acrylic Gallery

** This portrait won a Bronze Award at the Portrait Masters International Awards in March 2020.

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