Photo Shoot


When the day of your photo shoot comes around I will have uniquely tailored the whole session to your needs. Most clients come to my studio in Founex but some choose to have their session outside. During the photo shoot you will experience ‘an event’ that makes you feel beautiful, pampered, special and unique.

You’ll be treated to a fabulous makeover by a professional make-up artist. This takes approximately 1 hour and comes with free touch-ups, hair re-styling and quick changes of makeup in between wardrobe changes. Remember to plan a night out afterwards because you will look (and feel) amazing!

It’s completely normal to feel a bit embarrassed or nervous at the beginning, so I do my best to help you to enjoy every moment. We play your favourite music, I help style your gorgeous outfits and we proceed through our mutually-agreed plan for your photo shoot. My aim is take portraits that show you just as you are today – looking your absolute best. I do this by actively directing every part of the session, from the lighting, styling, hair & makeup to your posing and expression. Your job is to relax and have fun!

Expect to stay around 4 hours (for full portrait sessions) and to change outfits 3-4 times. If you have family with you I will make sure that everyone feels welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Usually we start off with your makeover and individual portraits, then later when your partner or family arrive we finish with the group pictures.

This is the day memories are made, so enjoy being the centre of attention. Your photo shoot is focused on celebrating you and those close to you. Relax and enjoy the experience!