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Mandy Thomas’s upbeat and positive attitude and her ‘real yoga for real people’ philosophy were what attracted me to her yoga practice. The lovely essential oils and delicious tea that she served after her in-person yoga classes may have had something to do with it too! Whatever the reason, I quickly became a regular: her classes are intelligently sequenced so that pretty much all bodies can join in. Throughout 2019 I attended many of Mandy’s wonderful vinyasa and beach yoga practice sessions and always looked forward to my time on the mat with her.

Pivot or Pause

Fast forward 12 months and we see the impact that COVID has had on everyone’s lives. It has affected the day-to-day lives of individuals, families and social groups. Some businesses have been positively affected but most – particularly those in the service industries – have been negatively impacted. Going into lockdown has forced thousands of businesses to make a choice. Either take their services online quickly, change their way of doing business or risk a drastic reduction in turnover.

Mandy has also managed to continue serving others during COVID times by making some changes. She’s a bubbly, upbeat, active, get-things-done kind of a person who thrives on practicing and teaching yoga to others. So sitting around with no-one to ‘flow’ with would (I imagine) drive her slightly crazy.

Find the best yoga practice for you

Here’s the amazing part. Within a few weeks of lockdown, Mandy had completely taken her business Simply Yoga online. She now offers a range of virtual yoga practice classes throughout the week that you can join. Better yet, she has recorded a library of videos that you can rent on-demand to flow along to. Whether it’s a 21-day programme, a short yoga practice for a specific need or a special workshop, there is something there for you.

Simply yoga - real yoga for real people

New Photos Necessary!

Back in 2019 I had taken the ‘in-person’ studio photos for Mandy’s website. However, with the new virtual yoga practice, it seemed to me that those photos didn’t reflect the new online activities. I therefore offered to come to one of Mandy’s online classes and photograph her ‘in full flow’. How tempting it was to join her on the mat to move, breathe, and just be! But I resisted and snapped some photos that I believe portray the positive energy and community feel of Mandy’s online classes.

If you’re looking to nurture yourself and counter the demands of modern life please book a slot at one of Mandy’s classes. In addition to receiving all the benefits that yoga has to offer, you’ll also have a laugh a make new friends. The delicious tea and essential oils will be forthcoming when in-person classes start again!

yoga practice for all by Simply yoga

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