Mother-Daughter Double Birthday Photo Shoot

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This post is about a fabulous client called Doreen, who wanted to have a memento of where she was at a particular time in her life: her 50th birthday. She also wanted to bring her daughter – who had just celebrated her 16th birthday – to the photo shoot. Not only did she want to have photos of herself and them together, but they both thought it would be fun to share the whole experience together.

Do you have a special time in your life when you are captured together with those you love? A picture that you can look at every day and enjoy? Things change, people change, your perspective changes, your views change, but to have a photograph that you can hang onto to remember moments with those you love is so important.

Happy Birthday to Mother and Daughter!

As someone who places supreme value on capturing significant moments as well as recording our most precious relationships, I was so excited to welcome Doreen and her daughter to my studio. They had chosen to start their Mother-Daughter Birthday photo session with a casual look in khaki and beige, and finish by glamming it up in some elegant evening gowns rented from The Closet.

If you want to know what to expect from this unique kind of photo shoot, watch this short video of Doreen’s session as well as her gallery of photos.

Hair and makeup by Jacqueline Gaspers

Gallery of Images

  • mother and daughter
  • mother-daughter photo session

Birthday Pictures with a Difference

Doreen came back to the studio with her daughter and her husband, and together they chose their favourite portraits. They ordered a stunning light grey Reveal Box to display her collection of images – here it is!

  • portrait folio of mother and daughter
  • portrait folio of mother and daughter
  • portrait of a glamorous lady reclining in blue dress
  • close up of a reveal box
  • close up of matted print in box
  • portrait folio of mother and daughter wearing red and black

What Doreen said afterwards

My daughter and I had a really fantastic time yesterday. Thank you so much for giving me tips on how to be in front of the camera, for your beautiful smile and gift in making us feel at ease. We had such a nice experience! We will have such great memories of our time together – the photo shoot was a wonderful way to celebrate important events.”

Thank you so much Doreen – the pleasure was all mine. Thank you for trusting me to take your portraits and create something lasting and precious for you. Happy Birthday to you both!

The Value of a Portrait is Infinite

The photographs that you get from a mother-daughter photo shoot – or with any person who is special to you – will become your most treasured possessions. You’ll be able to hang them on your wall or display them so that you can see them every day, and be reminded of those special times together. You’ll also have some portraits to remind yourself of when someone else captured your inner soul, and showed your beautiful being coming through from the inside.

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