Personal Branding Photos for Rosie Diaz, Life Coach – Aubonne, Vaud

My own journey of self-development is always introducing me to new people, podcasts, books and ideas. I’m constantly trying to improve myself, learn about what’s new and keep up with ‘who’s who’ in the self-development world. All while trying to be present in a family with 3 teens, run my business and squeeze the most out of life. I find myself constantly feeling that I’m never doing enough and falling just short of where I want to be. Simply put: I am Rosie Diaz’s ideal client!

Create your best life

When I first met Rosie to discuss her personal branding photos, it was immediately clear that she is one of those amazing people who actually does ‘have it all together’. Her life is focused, directed and fulfilled, and this is what she helps her clients achieve. When I asked her how exactly, she showed me her Lifebook. If you haven’t seen one of these before you will be truly impressed! Rosie created her Lifebook by asking herself lots of questions around how she wanted her life to look in several different areas. Health, spiritual, physical, financial, family, professional, relationships, parenting etc. She then filled each section with photos, mood boards, notes and quotes, goals and targets, and made it into a beautiful hard-bound book. The Lifebook took Rosie months to complete, but if that wouldn’t keep you on track to create your best life, I don’t know what would.

Photos to portray your brand authentically

Rosie works full-time in a large multi-national in Geneva and is setting up her life-coaching business on the side. She booked me for her personal branding photos to level-up her business image with professional photos, as well as provide a successful launch to her first coaching website. As a Vaud-based photographer who has been taking business portraits for the last 10 years, we were a perfect fit!

Planning is key

Rosie’s aim was to create a consistent, relevant and usable set of personal branding images. She needed to give her viewers inspiration, positive energy and confidence to start making a difference in their lives. Her branding goals were to match her Lifebook webpage with the colours red, yellow and blue. Nothing better than some bold primary colours for a personal branding session!

The shoot plan goes into action

Shoot day arrived and I met Rosie at her stunning home in Aubonne, Vaud. She had done all the prep work and had her outfits ready, the living room was decorated with red and yellow flowers and her props were lined up! The session went very smoothly and we got the perfect professional photos for Rosie’s needs – scroll down to see the gallery.

“Confidently share links to my website and LinkedIn”

Here’s what Rosie had to say about her experience with me:

My personal branding photo shoot with Amber was an excellent experience and I love the photos ! Her preparation calls were very professional and really built my confidence and gave clarity on the message of each planned image before the photo session. She was very friendly and reassuring during the session too. They enable me to confidently share links to my web page, start posting on Facebook and update my LinkedIn page, no longer afraid that they might look underwhelming. Highly recommended !

Rosie Diaz

A bit about Rosie’s new life coaching business

Rosie describes her job like this: “I can help my client understand and see the vision and purpose of her own life, and see how she can build energy and fulfilment in all areas, by leveraging the strengths and character that are uniquely hers. I can help her move forward towards this vision with easy baby steps of building tiny habits, until she builds self-confidence in her growth and transformation.

The aim of the Lifebook brand is to make the world a better place by teaching people to live consciously and intentionally, continually developing themselves and contributing to the community around them with their unique gifts.”

Visit Rosie’s Lifebook website here.

Rosie chose enough photos to last her a year of posting across her digital platforms. Enjoy the highlights below!

Rosie’s Business Portraits

  • life coach sits sofa in colourful living room
  • life coach works on her lifebook
  • woman wears blue outfit for relaxed business portrait
  • corporate headshot with natural background
  • relaxed outdoors natural business headshot
  • life coach branding portrait

Feel confident to share links to your website, LinkedIn profile and Facebook page – update your personal branding photos!

If you would like to create some new photos that help you market yourself and connect with your target audience, contact me to see how I can help you. I’m based between Geneva and Lausanne and am available to travel throughout Suisse Romande.

Every shoot I do is different, because you are unique. We collaborate together to make the shoot, and therefore the photos, completely bespoke to you. I would love to help you take the next step in taking your business to the next level and attracting your ideal clients.

For more examples of my branding work, visit my Headshot & Personal Branding Portfolio

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Following my move back to Europe, I’m now based in Founex, Switzerland. I’m located between Geneva and Lausanne, and serve all clients in the area of La Cote and beyond. Among other places this includes Founex, Commugny, Coppet, Celigny, Crans, Nyon. Prangins, Cheserex, Gingins, Trelex, Begnins, Gland, Rolle, Allaman, Aubonne, Chavannes-de-Bogis, Bogis-Bossey, Mies, Tannay, Grand Saconnex, VersoixChambesy, and over the France border into Divonne and the surrounding French towns.


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