Modern Portraits

Be photographed as you are today

It’s my goal for you to have the most beautiful photos of yourself that you have ever had. Modern portraits that you are proud of, that will become heirlooms for generations to come. Often we women are so focused on giving to others that sometimes we lose sight of who we are, deep down inside. I want to show you how beautiful you are; to help you see yourself in a new light; and for you to look at yourself and say ‘Yessss! I’ve still got it!”

How do I do this? By offering an empowering, fun and completely personalised photography experience that enables women and girls feel confident, glamorous, unique and strong. I capture you as you are today – a time that cannot be replaced! You’ll have a fantastic time during your shoot, and leave feeling on Cloud 9. Then, whenever you see your photos, you will remember how you felt during your session. You’ll reconnect with the woman in the photographs and be awed by her again.

Portfolio of Modern Portraits

  • gorgeous woman poses during modern portrait photo shoot
  • woman wearing white sits during modern portraits photo shoot
  • young woman wearing glamorous red gown twirls her skirts
  • black and white portrait of mature woman in modern beauty photo shoot
  • modern portrait of a woman wearing white ruffle dress
  • black and white modern portrait of a woman wearing white ruffle evening dress
  • portrait of woman posing during photo shoot
  • woman wearing sparkly shorts laughs during modern portraits photo session
  • woman wearing white blouse sits comfortably during contemporary photo session
  • glamorous woman in modern portraits photo shoot
  • black and white portrait of woman sitting on floor during photo shoot
  • black and white portrait of woman leaning against wall during photo shoot
  • gorgeous woman in blue dress poses during modern portrait photo shoot
  • woman in jeans sits on floor for modern portraits
  • woman with red flower in hair poses during modern beauty photo session

Schedule your free no-obligation Consultation in a few simple steps

  1. To get the booking process started contact me here
  2. I will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule a free no-obligation Consultation to get to know you and to understand if we are a good fit for each other. The Consultation is done in-person at my studio, or I can meet you somewhere else.
  3. If you decide to go ahead with booking a session we will both do a happy dance and proceed to find the best date for you, me and the makeup artist.
  4. Booking your shoot requires a) selecting a date b) payment of your non-refundable session fee of CHF200, and c) signing my Portrait Contract so that you are clear on my policies.

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