Portraits of My Sister – Cancer Free!

It had been over a year since we were last together, and this time especially I was determined to capture some portraits of my sister on camera. 

Roller-coaster ride

Cherry was diagnosed with breast cancer in Jan 2019. When she first told me her diagnosis I felt so confused – how could someone so young get breast cancer? Then I felt angry: why did my beautiful sister have to get cancer after all the other s*!t that she’d been through? Then fear, sadness, and even guilt that I didn’t get it instead of her. If I was feeling all of these emotions, what roller-coaster of emotions would Cherry herself be feeling??? Yet, whenever I spoke to her, she seemed so strong and stoic. I would have been a blubbering wreck. She told me that actually there’s no option but to accept the facts, deal with the cancer head on and go through the treatment with all your strength, energy and positive spirit.  

Ring the bell!

Cherry spent the rest of the year going through the mill to beat her cancer. She took countless rounds of drugs, underwent major surgeries, lost her hair, had radiotherapy and dealt with many other nasty side-effects of her treatment.On the last day of Cherry’s chemo I went with her to the hospital. Going through THAT for the last time was definitely something to celebrate together, and here she is ringing the bell – YAY!!! 

last day of chemo ring the bell

Next came the radiotherapy and finally the all-clear just in time for Christmas 2019. My courageous rock-star sister came out on the other side VICTORIOUS!!

I’m still in awe of the amazing strength and positive attitude with which Cherry faced her cancer. She is stronger, more sure of what she wants, and is an even more beautiful soul. She is also now more precious to me than before, if that’s possible.

Celebrate Life

One of my ‘whys’ for being a photographer is because if there is something to CELEBRATE, I want to capture it. Life, good health, family, friends – they are ALL worth celebrating.

In August 2020, exactly 1 year after she finished chemo, Cherry and her son came from London to visit us. I had always wanted to take some portraits of my sister, and given the recent events in her life I felt a sense of urgency do it now.

Portraits to cherish forever

We put a few outfits together that suited her colouring the most, and played around in the studio. Several hours and many giggles later, we were really happy with the photos we had taken. We took some of her with her precious son, and even managed to get some of us together – but I’m saving those for another post 😉

I love you my strong, sweet, resilient, gentle, angel-on-earth sister. You’re an inspiration and a hero to me and these portraits of my sister will be precious to me forever XOX

PS I know you don’t like that your hair grew back all curly but look how magnificent it looks here! 

My Favourite Portraits of My Sister

  • woman after cancer poses in photo shoot
  • cancer survivor in photo shoot
  • Portraits of my sister after cancer
  • Portraits of my sister
  • Portraits of my sister
  • Portraits of my sister and her son
  • Portraits of my sister and her son
  • Portraits of my sister and her son
  • Portraits of my sister and her son
  • Portraits of my sister and her son

Have you got something to CELEBRATE that you want to capture forever? It may be the start of a new chapter in your life, a special relationship that you cherish, the achievement of a weight-loss goal, becoming a new mother etc. Whatever the reason, there’s always a good time to celebrate it with some professional photos. Contact me to start planning your next photo session: I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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