A studio photo shoot with a fashion-forward senior boy

As a photographer, I always enjoy the challenge of capturing a person’s unique personality and style in a studio photo shoot. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a senior boy (called G in this story) who is interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. For my non-American readers: a senior is an 18 year old who is graduating from high school/sixth form, not someone several generations older! Our shoot turned out to be a fun and creative experience that left us both feeling exhilarated and inspired!

Reflecting his personal style

The first step in planning the shoot was to discuss G’s personal style and interests. He has a love for K-Pop, which gave us a lot of creative freedom when selecting outfits and accessories. We decided to incorporate different textures and styles into the wardrobe. G brought his favourite jeans, some timeless sweaters, a silk scarf and a classic suit that his mum loves to see him wearing.

  • senior boy wearing white sweater looks directly at camera during Geneva studio photo shoot
  • senior student leans against wall during studio photo session
  • Switzerland graduate sits on stool looking at camera in photo shoot

Studio Photo Shoot kick-off!

On the day of the studio photo shoot, we started with a makeover by Jacqueline. She got G camera-ready so that he felt his best, and I think he enjoyed the experience! We then started shooting, capturing some classic headshots of G in his favourite outfits. Next we moved onto more creative shots, experimenting with different poses and angles. G was a natural in front of the camera, and his confidence and energy really came through in the photos.

  • male grad student in studio photo shoot

Every session as unique as each graduate

Throughout the shoot, we had lots of fun experimenting with different ideas and pushing the boundaries of traditional senior portraits. One of the highlights was when we played around with lighting and shadows to create some dramatic shots that highlighted G’s sense of style. We both felt that we had created something truly special and unique.

  • male grad student in studio photo shoot

Too many great senior pictures to choose from 🤩

G said that he’d really enjoyed the whole senior photo shoot experience. When he returned to the studio to see his photos, he and his mother were thrilled with them. Scroll further to see a few more!

  • male grad student in studio photo shoot

How did they choose to display the photos?

G and his mother chose their favourite photos to display in a photo box, and got extras printed to send to proud grandparents! Congratulations on your graduation G and all the very best for the next chapter. I’m excited for what lies ahead!

  • senior boy in studio photo shoot printed into folio box

If you have a senior and would like to capture them at this exciting time in their life, please contact me. I would love to design a studio photo shoot that is as unique and special as they are.

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