How to refine your Personal Brand as a Top-Level Professional in Geneva, Switzerland

refine your personal brand

Geneva, Switzerland, is known for being a hub for diplomacy, finance, and law, attracting high-flying professionals from around the world. If you’re a diplomat, banker, lawyer, arbitrator etc. near Geneva and are considering how to polish your personal brand, I’m talking to you! You work hard to present a highly professional image, and one easy […]

Branding photos for coaches Salt Consulting

Michelle Guiliano’s and Denise Nickerson’s branding photo shoot was one to remember. I knew it would be, because they are two very impressive, aspirational and highly accomplished women. In their own words on their website, they are “high-performance interventionist coaches dedicated to talented people.” As two professionals who are busy in many different roles, Michelle […]

Business Consultant photos – Masha Dalanay – Prangins

Let me introduce you to Masha Dalanay, the powerhouse behind new business solutions company Biz Brainstorming Mentor. Over the summer we worked together to create a set of consistent images for Masha’s new business. Her was developing her website and LinkedIn profile, and was busy planning her social media posts….but needed some impactful business consultant […]

Branding Photos – Johdi Woodford, Gland

You know you need them. Branding photos of you looking sharp, professional, confident, approachable…whatever the personality of your brand is. BUT – you feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera and can’t stand being the centre of attention. You’re not the only one! When Johdi Woodford contacted me to update her brand imagery she […]

Personal Branding Photos for Rosie Diaz, Life Coach – Aubonne, Vaud

My own journey of self-development is always introducing me to new people, podcasts, books and ideas. I’m constantly trying to improve myself, learn about what’s new and keep up with ‘who’s who’ in the self-development world. All while trying to be present in a family with 3 teens, run my business and squeeze the most […]

Personal Branding Photo Shoot, Delphine Martin Nutritionist, Commugny

Personal Branding Photos to launch a New Business! Delphine Martin is planning to launch her nutrition business (coming in early 2021!) and needed some professional personal branding photos for her website and social media. She wanted to position herself as a professional and appeal to her target consumer. She also wanted to create a strong […]

Behind the Sophisticated Headshot

Portrait of a Professional and Sophisticated Woman   It’s my goal to provide you with the contemporary, authentic and sophisticated headshot that you need. Professional and sophisticated are not mutually exclusive  – you won’t find any prim and proper, stuffy corporate headshots here. Many women have walked into my studio over the past year and although they have all […]