Kerry’s Senior Photo Shoot at Raffles

When Kerry’s mum phoned me to book her daughter’s senior photo shoot I was so thrilled! I love senior sessions because it’s such an exciting time for the students – they are approaching the end of High School with anticipation, they have important decisions to make about their future and the big wide world awaits them. Some are considering study in other countries, many will be saying goodbye to friends and family for a while.

Following my conversations with her mum I was really looking forward to meeting Kerry. Not only is Kerry blessed with gorgeous looks but she is also incredibly smart, hoping to study accountancy at college after she graduates from Singapore American School. She is also a very advanced rower and has a high-degree black belt in taekwondo – very gifted on so many levels.

Originally we’d planned to do the shoot at the Botanical Gardens, a popular location for senior photo shoots. However, when it’s the rainy season and you live in Singapore, some things are just not going to happen according to plan. We decided to relocate to Raffles Hotel which is mostly undercover. It turned out to be a perfect location and we got some really wonderful photos of Kerry. She had picked several outfits in fabulous colors, brought along her favorite shoes, and got into the swing of things very quickly.

With Kerry’s confidence and ease we were able to create some senior photos that she is proud of and her parents are delighted with.  As a photographer there is nothing more rewarding than being able to capture my subject in the best possible light and present a set of portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

My best wishes and congratulations to Kerry, her friends at SAS and all seniors graduating this Spring 2015!

Hair, makeup and styling Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Makeup and Styling

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Senior Portraits with Jessi

Jessi and I were neighbors so I was delighted when she asked me to take her senior portraits! She told me that she loved the views and scenery along Highway 12 close to our neighborhood. On the day of the shoot we set off and began our senior photo session at the Kenwood Inn and Spa, a beautiful place that is frequently used for weddings and other events.

senior portrait

Next we chose an open grassy meadow and used a chair that Jessi had as a prop. The rolling hills of Sonoma County make a stunning backdrop don’t you agree?

senior portraits Plymouth MN senior portrait session

The last place we visited for Jessi’s senior photo session was one of the wineries – after all we were in the Wine Country!

senior portrait senior photos Plymouth MN

Yanna – Senior Portrait Photography

When Yanna asked me to work with her on a Senior portrait photography shoot I was thrilled. We have known each other for several years and I photographed her when she was younger. Now she has grown into a beautiful and confident woman who is just beginning on a new journey. I wish her all the best as she finishes high school and enters the ‘big wide world’.

For any of you not familiar with Senior portrait photography, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the use of these images:

Senior portraits are often included in graduation announcements or are given to friends and family. They are also used in yearbooks and are usually rendered larger than their underclassmen counterparts and are often featured in color, even if the rest of the yearbook is mostly reproduced in black and white. In some schools the requirements are strict regarding the choice of photographer or in the style of portraiture, with only traditional-style portraits being acceptable. Many schools choose to contract one photographer for their yearbook portraits, while other schools allow many different photographers to submit yearbook portraits.

Many parents choose to frame a large print of their child’s senior portrait for display in their home. One popular way of displaying the senior portrait is in a special photo mat cut to display small copies of the student’s school photos from kindergarten to their junior year, displayed in a circle (like the numbers of a clock) surrounding a larger opening for the senior portrait. Reference:

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Aguero Family Photo Shoot at Arrowood Winery

The Aguero family chose the Arrowood Winery in Sonoma County for their family photo shoot.  We met early one summer morning and had lots of fun taking pictures in this beautiful location.  When a shoot is this relaxed and full of laughter you know the results are going to be great – despite the chilly air!

A family portrait session is often made easier in the pre-shoot discussion by talking about the style you are looking for, providing examples of actual images you really like and want to copy or by just showing me the space in which you want the picture to hang. Sometimes seeing what other pictures are hanging nearby provides inspiration for a unique look and feel…

Now based in Plymouth, near Minneapolis MN, Amber is looking forward to taking your family photos too! Contact her 612-479-3454 for details of booking your family photo session.

Family photo shoot at Arrowood Winery Family Photo Shoot at Arrowood Winery