Couples Photo Session by Amber Roberts

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This was a couples photo session that I will always remember because Diana and Nader are two very special people. Spend any time with them and you will quickly see why they are together. They are two of the most genuine, gentle and kind-hearted people that you will meet. It was a real privilege for me to take their portraits and to capture their relationship on camera.

Diana and Nader travel a lot and there was only one possible Saturday over a 3-month period that would work for this special couples photo session. When their shoot began Nader was first in front of the camera, while Diana was treated to her makeover. Looking extremely sophisticated in some new suits, he rocked his solo session and got some fantastic head shots for work. When Diana was ready we focused on the task in hand: capturing them together! As a photographer it really is a privilege to get within a couple’s ‘personal space’ and to portray the relationship that they have.

Scroll down for a small selection of Diana and Nader’s order that gives a mini peek into what they will be hanging on their walls. Definitely worth saving some prominent wall space for don’t you think?!

Your relationship will grow, evolve and change shape through the coming years, so it’s important that you capture yourselves as you are today.  Now is the time to book a couples photo shoot, especially if you have an anniversary with a 5 or 0 in it!  Call me on 9660-4176 to book your session and be sure to plan a romantic evening out (or in) afterwards!

Makeup: Gayathri Menon of Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

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Why Book A Couples Photo Session?

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I always get a rush of excitement when I receive a booking for couples photo session. There is usually a significant anniversary or birthday to celebrate – if you’re going to book a photo shoot it better be for a good reason, right?  Lisa contacted me with 3 excellent reasons!

1)  She was celebrating a special birthday and wanted to have a fantastic makeover and photo shoot experience to spoil herself, and have some beautiful photos to mark the occasion;

2)  She wanted to get some professional portraits taken of her with her husband, Gerry. Although they had had 2 wedding ceremonies, Lisa and Gerry had never had professional photos taken their weddings 21 years ago. This photo session was going to be the time when she got those special couple portraits.

3)  Lisa wanted some photos of Gerry playing the guitar. Apart from Lisa it’s his passion and she wanted to capture some moments when he’s most himself – in his element and immersed in his music.

Gerry and Lisa arrived and we discussed the various outfits that they would be wearing, and planned out the flow of this special couples photo session. Lisa then began her magical makeover experience with the wonderful Gayathri Menon and I started taking Gerry’s guitar portraits.  We also had time to take a few spontaneous head shots for his professional use – that’s the 4th reason!  An hour later Lisa was ready to join in and we began a fun-filled hour of couples photography, fuelled by lots of banter, laughter and ‘in’ jokes.

Delivering the products later was such a pleasure – it’s always like giving my client a gift. Lisa and Gerry chose to order one of my print packages – they knew exactly what they wanted to do with the prints, photo book and acrylic block. Gerry loved his guitar photos and his favorite portrait now takes pride of place in his guitar room. Lisa said, “The photos of us as a couple with me in my wedding dress are going up in our home in France.  Having lived abroad all of our married life in rental homes, there’s something fitting about having those photos in our French home, a space that is truly ours.”

Oh, I forgot to mention – the blue dress that Lisa wore for the photoshoot – it’s the same dress that she wore all those years before at their wedding!!!! How impressive is that? Not many of us can say that can we? Yet another reason to celebrate.

Have you got a good reason to celebrate? Call me on 9660-4176 to book your romantic couples photo shoot and let’s get you some treasured portraits of you and your loved one.

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Couples Photo Shoot Delight!

There’s no better way to celebrate a relationship than to capture it with some intimate images. Whether it’s a Valentine gift, an engagement, a birthday or anniversary present, the photographs that we capture during your couples shoot will give you a lifetime of smiles.  I’ve recently had the pleasure of photographing two gorgeous couples who had special occasions to celebrate.

Worth the drive from Malaysia

Natalie booked a surprise couples shoot for Carl, who was celebrating his birthday the day of the photo session. While Natalie was having her makeover done with the fabulous Gayathri Menon, I photographed Carl. He wanted some professional headshots done for work as well as some professional headshots for his second job as a DJ. Carl was completely comfortable in front of the camera and I think you’ll agree that he looks like a professional model as well as a very sophisticated DJ!

Natalie then stepped in front of the camera. She also wanted some headshots for work as well as some glamour portraits, so we spent the next hour creating exactly the looks she wanted. Her looks were a mixture of Hollywood siren and Audrey Hepburn and she certainly conveyed some vavoom that morning!

We finished the session with Natalie and Carl together, capturing some relaxed and romantic portraits. I caught a glimpse of the mutual respect, love and admiration that they have for each other, and although they have been together for many years they are still like young lovers. The romance was definitely in the air during this session and I was privileged to catch such an intimate glimpse of them together.

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First photos since their wedding

More recently, Felicia and John came to the studio for their couples photo shoot – they wanted some romantic photos to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Felicia said it had been many years since they had some proper pictures of themselves taken, and thought that the last ones were taken at their wedding!

Felicia was thrilled with her beautiful makeover; she works full time and rarely gets the chance to experience such pampering. The photo shoot was full of laughter and jokes, and was over far too quickly.  Felicia told me that they are going to put their portraits up on their bedroom wall – I hope that they bring Felicia and John lots of pleasure and happiness for many years to come.

Hair and Makeup for both couples photo shoots: Gayathri Menon Makeup and Styling

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