A studio photo shoot with a fashion-forward senior boy

As a photographer, I always enjoy the challenge of capturing a person’s unique personality and style in a studio photo shoot. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a senior boy (called G in this story) who is interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. For my non-American readers: a senior is […]

Senior Photos in Geneva Old Town

Zadie may be small in stature, but she is big on focus, determination and achievement. Although only 18 year old when we did her photo session, Zadie had already been accepted into a college in the US to train for … wait for it… WEIGHTLIFTING!!!!! Not only that – she was expecting to start training […]

Skye’s Dance Photo Shoot

modern dance photo shoot minneapolis MN

One day this girl is going to be a star. Skye taught me that if you’re passionate about something, you need to envision what you want, plan how you are going to get it and keep going until you’re satisfied. It’s a principle that we can all use. This was once of my favourite shoots before […]