Meet Amber Roberts

Award winning portrait photographer based near Geneva, Switzerland.

Empowering women through beautiful photography, celebrating families with legacy art, enabling professionals with powerful headshots and business portraits.

I specialise in luxury photography for women and offer a range of portrait sessions from my studio in Founex, tailoring all sessions to suit my clients’ wishes.

My photography has won several international awards from the Portrait Masters Programme. My work has been published in various print and online publications including Expat Living, Sassy Mama Singapore and Connected Women Asia.

My style is a mix of contemporary, casual, stylish and fine art with a touch of vogue fashion. If you’re looking for frills, flowers and froufrou dresses I may not be the right photographer for you! My sessions are fun and uplifting and definitely count as me-time. They are a pampering session, fantastic morale booster and girl’s day out all rolled into one celebrity event.

What’s it like to work with me?

Read my testimonials and you’ll see that my clients agree with my friends and family. When we work together you’ll find me:


I’ll be with you every step of the way. From the initial contact you’ll receive clear guidance and help about how to plan for your session.


By the time your session starts, you’ll feel like you already know me. We’ll get the results you want through regular and personal interaction.

Able to put you at ease

It’s my job to direct you throughout your shoot, and use my knowledge of lighting and posing to bring out the best in you.

Fun Facts

If we’re going to work together, you may like to know a few random things about me:

More important than who I am, is that I create beautiful results for my clients.

It’s time to do something lasting, meaningful and special for yourself – and for those who love you – no more excuses!

  • “I need to get in shape before having my picture taken”
  • “I’m not photogenic”
  • “I’m too old”
  • “I don’t want photos of myself on the walls!”
  • “I only want digital images”
  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “I don’t have the appropriate outfits”
  • “I have enough pictures on my phone”
  • “I would feel too awkward at the shoot”


I have heard all of these excuses before – and more besides! Many other clients just like you had the same fears as you have, yet came away from their portrait sessions feeling ecstatic. Make time for yourself as you are right now and capture it forever.

I invite you to contact me for your free no-obligation call