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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You don’t have much time to keep your family’s show on the road, let alone time to book a family photography session to get photos of you all. Your children are growing up fast and life is flying by. The kids will soon be off to college, yet it only seems like yesterday that they started school.
There are also times when something big is about to happen, such as the first child leaving for university, a family reunion, or when your older children are home briefly and everyone is actually together. It’s these moments that are milestones in a family’s life, and these are the photos that one day will be the most precious to you.

If you answered yes to any of the above, please inquire about a family photo shoot today!

Time passes by so quickly.

These are the moments we will hold onto when we are old and gray. These are the times we will draw upon to bring us together. This is us, and these are our memories.

Never Miss a Moment

Family portraits serve as a daily reminder of life together as a family. Of your most precious connections and relationships. Whether you regularly do family photos, or have a once-in-a-lifetime special event that you want to remember, I capture the moments you’re together. Then, we take your favourite memories and create beautiful photo products to decorate your home with love.

Most parents have thousands of pictures of their children but only a handful of them with their kids. It’s easy to put off scheduling a family photography session. We’re all busy with work and extracurricular activities. We want to lose a few kilos. We don’t know what to wear. We’ll do it next year. Sound familiar? I’m guilty of it myself! The problem is, this time really does fly and as your kids grow, you may regret that you aren’t in more photos with them.

Simple, stress-free and calm – from beginning to end

A family photography session with me is a fun, low-stress family activity, from the moment you contact me to when you collect your gorgeous images, album or wall art. I’ll help you with all the outfit planning so that you feel prepared and confident that you’ll look good. We’ll discuss the best location. Not only will your family have a wonderful time together, but you will come away from the session with beautiful family photos that you will treasure for a lifetime. And best of all, we will become great friends along the way!

Here’s how to start your Geneva & Vaud family photography experience today…

Get in touch – Let’s book you in

Complete the contact form or call me on +41 79 866 6216 to see if I have availability. I will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule a free no-obligation Discovery Call to discuss your vision and what you want from your shoot. During our call I’ll answer your questions and we’ll both know if I am the right family photographer for you. If you decide to book a session we will move forward and fix a date for your family photo shoot!

Pre-Shoot Consultation

To help you feel confident and prepared for your family photo session, we will schedule a Pre-Shoot Consultation, which normally takes place 10-14 days before your session. Whether on Zoom or in person at my place or yours (yes, I frequently go to my clients’ homes for this meeting), we’ll take 45 minutes to discuss your personal style and put together some outfits that would work best for your session. We’ll confirm shoot time and discuss if you want particular artwork for your home. The Pre-Shoot Consultation also gives us a chance to get to know each other before your shoot, which really helps you feel more comfortable on the day. You will also receive a detailed Styling and Preparation Guide to ensure that your whole family has an amazing session and an unforgettable photography experience.  

During your session

Your family photo shoot is focused on celebrating you and those closest to you. This is the day memories are made, so enjoy some fun family times together!

I’ll direct you every step of the way – you don’t need to worry about your pose/body position/where to put your hands – that’s my job. I’ll find everyone’s best angles and coach you into them, so that the final photos look natural and relaxed, and show you all at your best.

After your session we will fix a date for your ordering appointment, normally around 2 weeks after the shoot.

View and order your photos

At this appointment, you will come to review your lovely photo gallery. I will go through your photos with you, helping you to select the best of the best. The purpose of this meeting is to place your final order, so choose a time when ALL decision makers can attend. You’ll pick your favourite images and decide on what package or collection you will select to create a memorable album or wall art. Samples will be on hand for viewing and you will get my professional input to help you narrow down your choices. If additional meetings are required, I will happily accommodate this for CHF50 per time, to cover my overhead and/or extra travel and time to meet with you.

Please note that I do not do online proofing. If you have family overseas or others who wish to place an order that cannot attend, please ask me about the option of having selected images put on an app for viewing.

Collect your albums and wall art

The moment you’ve been waiting for – you get to hold and see your stunning family photo album or beautiful art work in person! This is always the most exciting time for me as your photographer: seeing the wonder on your face when you see your precious family in print. Depending on what you ordered, you could have your portraits 2 weeks after placing your order. Some products such as albums and wall art take longer and may arrive 4-6 weeks after placing your order. Unlike most photographers in the area, I offer a lifetime guarantee on all my products. In addition, I know you’re busy, which is why I also help with installation of your finished artwork. My goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy your photos as soon as possible!

More Than Memories

Finally, you’re so happy and proud to have some family photos that you love, where everyone looks good, and displayed where you can see them every day. Whenever you look at your family photos, you’ll relive those fun times together and feel even more closely connected. Family photos are truly the most precious of all portraits; you’ll be so glad you did them.

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