Frequently Asked Questions

Your Portrait Session is a completely customised experience.

Do you still have questions about your photo shoot?
Most likely you’ll find the answers here, asked by previous clients just like you!

If You Are Nervous

It is normal to feel self conscious in front of the camera and all of my clients feel awkward at the beginning of their session. My clients are not models but normal, everyday women just like you. They also feel self-conscious and aren’t sure if they can do it. But they look like that because I give them the celebrity red carpet experience and guide them through every step of the process.

It is my aim to take portraits of you that are Vogue magazine cover-worthy. Photos that you love and are proud of. So on shoot day it is all about YOU! You’ll get pampered in hair and makeup, rock out to your favourite tunes, and have fun building your confidence and feeling gorgeous! I’ll find your best angles and coach you into them. How to hold your head, shoulders, hands, everything down to your expression. No need to worry about your pose/body position – that’s my job. You too will look and feel like a celebrity after your photoshoot!

Anyone – young and old, all shapes, sizes and ages – can do this. This empowering portrait experience is designed to highlight and draw out the absolute best of you!

More women give me this reason for not booking than anything else. In fact it’s not just weight but also age, wrinkles, thin hair, the jawline jowels, bingo arms etc….. I know exactly what that is like, having turned 50 myself. As a mum of three I’ve also seen my body change through the seasons of my life, so I know how it feels when you think you don’t look as good as you used to.

But that is life and it happens to all of us. What we are really talking about here is the negative self voice that comes up telling you that you are could not possibly appear in front of a camera because you’ve gained weight/gone grey/got wrinkles etc. If that is where you are right now, why not embrace it?

How long have you been avoiding the camera because of it? Time to put your foot down and stand in your value, at this age, at this stage, at this weight. You are beautiful just the way you are, and I promise that’s what your loved ones think too.

Don’t let this hold you back from having this incredible experience. My wardrobe recommendations, poses and lens choices will capture your best expressions and angles. The lighting setups that I use will be flattering to your smile lines. My hair and makeup stylist will make you look fabulous. If you like, after your purchase I will also smooth bumps and lines in retouching. Or you can stay your natural and gorgeous self. Trust my process to build your confidence and show you at your glorious best!

The Process

Yes! Your portrait session includes a full complimentary professional hairstyling & make-up session custom tailored for you. During your Pre-Shoot Consultation, we’ll iron out the details of your desired hair and makeup looks. I work with the top hair and makeup artists in the area who are experienced in creating the best on-camera looks for both studio and natural lighting setups. They are highly trained in accurately colour matching skin tones, creating a wide variety of looks, and using proper sanitising practices. I guarantee that you’ll feel absolutely gorgeous and red carpet-ready for your photoshoot!

We will discuss wardrobe during your Pre-Shoot Consultation. Because women come in many shapes, sizes and have a wide range of style preferences, I ask you bring your own favourite clothes and accessories to the shoot. I do have a studio wardrobe that you may use during your shoot and I often will mix in some of my pieces if you like.

We can discuss the best places to shop, rummage, borrow or rent some fabulous items. I have connections with local gown rental agencies that offer my clients preferential rates.

In addition, you’ll take home my ‘What to Wear Guide’ so that you’ll know the exact steps to take to plan and prepare for your photoshoot. Trust me, I’ve got you covered!

My amazing hair and makeup artists also work weddings, so to guarantee the best beauty team for your day, I have found weekday shoots work best. I also like to keep weekends free for my family.

I book shoots on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 9-13hrs. Many of my clients take a sneaky half or full day off work to enjoy some pampering and ‘me-time’. Think of it as a time investment in yourself.

I do try to keep a couple weekend dates open per month for clients who absolutely need this option but these dates come with an additional fee and are booked on a first come first served basis.

Yes, all the hair and makeup artists, stylists and assistants who I work with are women. Like me, their focus is 100% on you – we’re all cheering for you and want you to feel FABULOUS on your shoot day!

1) To get the booking process started contact me here.

2) Within 24 hours (Mon-Friday) of receiving your inquiry I will reach out to schedule a Discovery Call.

3) Prior to the Discovery Call, I will send some more info about how my shoots work for you to review before our chat.

4) At our Discovery Call we will discuss your vision and all you are hoping to achieve with your shoot. I’ll answer all your questions and we’ll get to know each other a little, and I will know if I’m the right photographer for you. If I am, I’ll then be able to share a more accurate quote with you. At this point if you are a YES to booking we will move forward and fix a date for your shoot!

5) Booking in your shoot requires a) selecting a date, b) paying your non-refundable session fee c) signing my photoshoot contract so that you are clear on my policies. Your session is not reserved until these 3 things have happened!

I suggest booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance, particularly if you have a specific date in mind for your shoot or a deadline for the delivery of your images.

During busier seasons such as spring and autumn, I can book up to 8 weeks in advance. I only book 3 sessions a week, so to ensure you get the date you want (ESPECIALLY Valentine’s Day) please contact me as soon as possible!

The steps of the process include: a Discovery Chat, your Pre-Shoot Consultation, planning of your wardrobe and looks, getting your beauty appointments booked in prepration for your session, as well as the photo shoot itself. All of this requires planning, commitment and time, so the earlier you book the better!

My studio is based in beautiful Founex, Vaud – just between Geneva and Lausanne. It’s part of my home and has an independent entrance so that we can do your session in complete privacy. There’s parking on site so you don’t need to factor in time to find a parking space.

I love to travel! My session fee covers shoots located up to 50km from Founex, Vaud. If you would like to do your session further afield please contact me. We’ll discuss how to make it happen and what travel fees would apply.

Yes! Many of my clients do their shoot while here on holiday – why not combine a photo shoot with a trip to beautiful Switzerland?! We can do your Pre-Shoot Consultation and Viewing via Skype if you live far away. Print orders are then fulfilled locally through my international suppliers around the world.

Yes – Headshot and Personal Branding are my bread and butter! You can find more information about these sessions here.

I also do special assignments and love to collaborate with local women-owned businesses, so please inquire for more information.

During Your Session

Absolutely – celebrate all those special relationships in your life! Book a double portrait experience with your sister, mum, daughter, son, partner, colleague, best friend, or pet. Just notify me ahead of time for scheduling purposes. The only additional cost will be the makeover.

If you would like to bring a friend who is not going to be photographed with you, know that this could be a distraction and change the feel of the shoot for you. I aim to create a comfortable and safe space for you to be your authentic self, and that’s the energy in which I see my clients thrive and open up. If you think that your friend will be able to add to that positive energy, encourage you and give you moral support, then I’m OK with that. Please just let me know in advance!

After Your Session

Typically you’ll come back to the studio 7-10 days after your photo shoot for your Viewing & Ordering session. I’ll show you a selection of the best photos and help you choose your favourites.

For portrait and boudoir sessions, there will be roughly 35-40 stunning images to choose from. For personal branding and outdoor family sessions there will be between 50-75 images.

Yes, I do high end professional retouching on all images that you purchase. I am qualified in Advanced Photoshop techniques and learned retouching from world-renowned portrait and fashion retoucher, Pratik Naik. Master art retouching is included on all prints and wall art pieces, which requires extensive retouching work. No detail is left unnoticed and you decide how natural or ‘polished’ you want to look.

I believe that photographs are meant to be up on walls, in albums, and out for your enjoyment. Not left on a USB or on your computer’s drive. You should see your favourite photographs everyday so that they can bring you joy and remind you of signifiant moments in your life

You receive the corresponding digital file to each photograph that you purchase. You’ll get the digital files in two different versions: High Res (full size highest resolution), and Low Res (optimised for screen viewing on websites and social media). If you opt to forgo the print that is included with your image purchase, the price remains the same.

Personal Branding/Headshot photo shoots are the only sessions that come with digital-only packages.


I have a variety of first class products that are customised to your wishes. My clients most frequently purchase:

  • wall art displays – canvas, acrylic or matted prints that you can frame
  • folio boxes – custom produced with sets of matted prints
  • photo books – I design the layouts to your taste and you choose the cover

For more info please visit my Products page.

My sitting fee for portrait sessions is CHF200. Included in your portrait session experience is a shoot designed just for you, a wardrobe guide, a pre-shoot consultation, professional hair and makeup, the fully guided photo shoot with me, the Viewing & Ordering appointment, and signature retouching on all images purchased.

Prints and products are purchased separately. My printed photographs start at CHF150, my beautiful folio boxes start at CHF1,450, and my wall art starts at CHF350. Though the spending range is vast, the average client tends to spend in the CHF1.5-3k range for their session and photo products. Some spend more, some spend less, but all end up loving more photos than they thought possible.

The final images are your choice. There is no hard sell whatsoever. It’s my job to take the best portraits of you that you’ll LOVE so you want them all!

* Once you receive digital images that you purchase, please know there is a no exchange and no refund policy

* I offer payment plans

I accept payments in cash, TWINT, bank transfer and all major credit cards.

You certainly can! Please visit my gift card page to purchase.

Yes, I offer payment plans that allow you to break your order into smaller payments recurring until the final amount is paid. You then receive your order after the final payment is made.

And finally, the biggest question of them all…

Why should I book a photo shoot?

Because we are not promised tomorrow and we do not know what the future holds. Every day you put off doing this shoot for yourself you run the risk of it never happening. And really: why should you wait when I promise I can make you look gorgeous just as you are right now?! This experience is one you’ll never forget!