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You deserve photos that make you feel beautiful, confident and uniquely you. 

Transform the way you see yourself

Do you sometimes feel so focused on others that you lose sight of who you are, deep down inside?

Or that your work is so all-consuming that you can’t give yourself a moment for self-care?

Maybe you keep telling yourself, ‘One day, I’ll do something just for me, but not until I’ve lost weight/look less tired/have more time/feel more confident’?

Make this your Day One!

It’s time to stop saying ‘One day…’ and do it anyway! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Time to stop worrying about what others may think and do something for yourself for a change.

Time to stop expecting perfection and embrace all your perfect imperfections.
Time to reconnect with the extraordinary woman you once knew, or perhaps have yet to discover.

Let me reintroduce you to her.


I not only want you to have exquisite photos and artwork. My number one priority is to make the whole photography experience – from the first phone call to the delivery of your photo products – as easy, stress-free and unforgettable as possible.

Get in touch – Let’s book you in

Complete the contact form or call me on +41 79 866 6216 to see if I have availability. I will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule a free no-obligation Discovery Call to discuss your vision and what you want from your shoot. During our call I’ll answer your questions and we’ll both know if I am the right photographer for you. If you decide to book a session we will move forward and fix a date for your photo shoot!

Booking your shoot requires a) selecting a date b) payment of your non-refundable session fee and c) signing my contract so that you are clear on my policies.

Your session is not reserved until these 3 things have happened!I get booked out months in advance so please book in asap. If you want your artwork or albums for a certain date, I recommend booking 3 months in advance.

Book your session now, click here!

Pre-Shoot Consultation

To help you prepare for your session, we will schedule a Pre-Shoot Consultation, which normally takes place 10-14 days before your session. Whether on Zoom or in person at my place or yours (yes, I frequently go to my clients’ homes for this meeting), we’ll take 45 minutes to discuss your personal style and put together some outfits that would work best for your session. We’ll confirm shoot time and discuss if you want particular artwork for your home. The Pre-Shoot Consultation also gives us a chance to get to know each other before your shoot, which really helps you feel more comfortable on the day. You will also receive a detailed Styling and Preparation Guide to ensure that you have an amazing session and an unforgettable photography experience.

Amber Roberts Images Geneva portrait session behind the scenes

During your session

Your photo shoot is focused on celebrating you, so enjoy being the centre of attention! From the moment clients walk into the studio you’ll be able to relax and enjoy being in the moment. Your hair and makeup artist will treat you to full-on pampering and makeup magic. You will feel like the very best version of yourself, then we’ll begin shooting. What better way to spend 2 hours: you will enjoy the most amazing one-in-a-lifetime photographic experience where you feel like a celebrity. You may feel nervous at the start of your session but by the end I know that you will feel very comfortable being in front of the camera. I’ll direct you every step of the way – you don’t need to worry about your pose/body position/where to put your hands – that’s my job. I’ll find your best angles and coach you into them, so that the final photos look natural and relaxed, and show you at your best.

After your session we will fix a date for your ordering appointment, normally around 2 weeks after the shoot.

View and order your photos

At this appointment, you will come to review your gorgeous gallery. I will go through your photos with you, helping you to select the best of the best. The purpose of this meeting is to place your final order, so choose a time when ALL decision makers can attend. From here you are able to pick your favourite images and decide on what package or collection you will select to create a memorable album or wall art. Samples will be on hand for viewing and you will get my professional input to help you narrow down your choices.

If additional meetings are required, I will happily accommodate this for CHF50 per time, to cover my overhead and/or extra travel & time to meet with you.

Please note that I do not do online proofing. If you have family overseas or others who wish to place an order that cannot attend, please ask me about the option of having selected images put on an app for viewing.

Collect your albums and wall art

You finally get to hold and see your stunning album or beautiful art work in person! This is always the most exciting time for me as your photographer: seeing the wonder on your face when you see your beautiful self in print. Depending on what you ordered, you could have your portraits 2 weeks after placing your order. Some products such as albums and wall art take longer and may arrive 4-6 weeks after placing your order.

And afterwards…

My clients are always so happy that they booked a photo session with me, not just to have their beautiful photos, but also for the amazing experience and confidence boost. Your albums and photos will always remind you that you are a treasure, and that you are worth celebrating! Do this for yourself…you’ll be so glad you did.

🇨🇭 Je parle français 🇫🇷

Do it for yourself!

Take the plunge and do something your future self will thank you for (as well as those who love you). Celebrate that milestone birthday. Be photographed with your loved one. Celebrate your amazing body and all that it has done for you. Step into my studio, let me capture you the way I see you, and transform the way you see yourself !

Portrait Session 

Booking fee CHF490

Session fee includes:

Pre-Shoot Consultation
Styling & Preparation Guides to help you prepare for your session
Professional hair and makeup artistry
Multiple outfit changes
2 hours in front of the camera
Session held at my studio in Founex
A Private Reveal Session
CHF300 order credit

Images purchased separately – you choose after seeing the final images!

The Art of Luxury


Portrait collections include printed products that are combined with their matching digital file. Detailed information about portrait collections and wall art pricing is provided during your consultation.

Please visit my Products Page to see all the details


My clients are always so grateful that they took the plunge and booked a portrait session, not just to have their beautiful photos, but also for the amazing experience and confidence boost.

Join me behind the scenes with Brenda:



You deserve to have photos that you love, that make you look at yourself and say ‘Yessss! I’ve still got it!’ Photos that make you feel proud for stepping out of your comfort zone and towards more boldness and confidence. Let’s start planning your dream session. This experience is one you’ll never forget!

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