Branding Photos – Johdi Woodford, Gland

You know you need them.

Branding photos of you looking sharp, professional, confident, approachable…whatever the personality of your brand is.

BUT – you feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera and can’t stand being the centre of attention.

You’re not the only one!

When Johdi Woodford contacted me to update her brand imagery she warned me that she loathes having her photo taken. Not only that, she claimed that it would be virtually impossible for me to take any good pictures of her. I’m used to my clients telling me that they’re not photogenic. But when Johdi then described herself as irreverent, avant-garde and entertaining, I knew that this photo session would be quite a ride.

Age backwards?

Based in Gland, Vaud, Johdi Woodford Therapeutics serves women aged 40+ in a one-to-one setting. She helps them go (in her own words) “from fat, frumpy and f@#!*ed off into the most sleek, serene and confident version of themselves”.

Johdi helps her clients get magical and truly transformational results. Taking a holistic approach, she doesn’t just examines their dietary and physical routines. Johdi also discusses possible heart, mind, gut, sex and other personal issues that might play into someone’s health.

Get those branding photos – no matter what!

Despite being way out of her comfort zone, Johdi said she would be a willing collaborator in planning her personal branding shoot. She desperately needed new branding photos for her website, social media and printed materials, so she would go all out. She gave me the information I needed to plan the best shoot for her, booked a hair and make up artist and cleared her calendar for the day!

We showed up at Johdi’s studio. After the makeover, I started photographing her with her spiky mat, squidgy balls etc. as well as her lovable skeleton (called Alfredo). I meet some cool customers in this job. Johdi tried her best to be uncomfortable in front of my lens, but she was not a match for me!

We then went to a completely different location to photograph Johdi in a bright, raw and colourful setting. She had told me that she wanted to be photographed in front of some graffiti, so I found an amazing wall in a nearby underpass. I show my clients the classiest places!

Age is only a number

I hope you’ll agree that these pictures portray Johdi as an action-taking, optimistic, bold and a slightly avant-garde person who gets amazing results for her clients. If you need someone to help you offset the rigours of the ageing process and reverse the effects of feeling old in your mind and your body, get in touch with Johdi. I know from working with her that she is results-focused.

Here’s her website. Not only will you enjoy working with Johdi but you’ll be transformed forever onwards!

“I’m getting noticed, and receiving compliments right, left and centre!”

I’ve had quite a few photo shoots during the life of my business to date, but this was the first one where I really went for it; hair, makeup, outfits, locations – it was AN EVENT! And, even though I’m seriously averse to having my photo taken, and can’t say I enjoyed every moment of my afternoon, I felt reassured every step of the way because Amber’s so attentive to details, and is determined to get the shots that best reflect your vision. So, it’s no surprise perhaps, that my photos came out so well, and I’m getting noticed, and receiving compliments right, left and centre!

Johdi Woodford

Enjoy the highlights!

Get noticed!

Feel confident to share links to your website, LinkedIn profile and Facebook page – update your personal branding photos!

If you would like to create some new photos that help you market yourself and connect with your target audience, contact me to see how I can help you. I’m based between Geneva and Lausanne and am available to travel throughout Suisse Romande.

Every shoot I do is different, because you are unique. We collaborate together to make the shoot, and therefore the photos, completely tailored to your business. I would love to help you take the next step towards raising your profile and attracting your ideal clients.

For more examples of my branding work, visit my Headshot & Personal Branding Portfolio

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Following my move back to Europe, I’m now based in Founex, Switzerland. I’m located between Geneva and Lausanne, and serve all clients in the area of La Cote and beyond. Among other places this includes Founex, Commugny, Coppet, Celigny, Crans, Nyon. Prangins, Cheserex, Gingins, Trelex, Begnins, Gland, Rolle, Allaman, Aubonne, Chavannes-de-Bogis, Bogis-Bossey, Mies, Tannay, Grand Saconnex, VersoixChambesy, and over the France border into Divonne and the surrounding French towns.


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