Boudoir Photography: 3 Feelings You Will Experience During a Photo Shoot

negative strip of film showing woman posing in lingerie

When Esther originally contacted me to book her boudoir photography shoot, her plan was to give her boyfriend some beautiful, tasteful boudoir photos. We discussed the kind of look that she wanted and began to plan the outfits for her session.

A week before her photo shoot, I phoned Esther to see how the preparations were going. She told me that sadly she had broken up with her boyfriend and so we discussed whether to proceed with the shoot. As a result, Esther quickly realised that she was still really looking forward to the experience. Everyone can do with a little boost and self-love when you’re feeling down!

Boudoir Photography – Do it For Yourself

Esther started to think about what her dream boudoir photography shoot would look like now that she was doing it for herself. Often we women are so focused on giving to others that sometimes we lose sight of who we are. My goal for all my clients is to show you how beautiful you are; to help you reconnect with the woman you see in your portraits; and to look at her with pride.

Esther came laden with beautiful lingerie on the day of her shoot. She was a little shy at first but no sooner had she sat down for her makeover than her fears melted away. We started shooting, transitioning through Esther’s gorgeous outfits and finding the best ways to show them off. One corset was very ‘Agent Provocateur-esque’ so I created a set-up that would show it off to get the maximum wow factor!

Relax and Enjoy the Experience!

It’s completely normal to feel a bit embarrassed or nervous at the beginning of a boudoir photography session. I have been there myself and remember how it feels. I do my best to help my client to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy every moment. We play her favourite music, I help dress her in her gorgeous outfits, and we chat as if we’re bff’s. Her job is to enjoy this unique celebrity experience, designed just for her. My job is to direct every part of the shoot, from lighting and styling through to posing and expression. By the end of the boudoir session my client is always radiant, happy and confident. That is success for me – there really is nothing better than watching this incredible transformation!

Something to Keep Forever

I look at Esther’s portraits and see a woman who exudes confidence and inner strength. Here’s what she says about her pictures:

“I am delighted with the photos that Amber has created for me. She made the shoot relaxed and fun at the same time which was great as I had never done this before! Amber gave great directions and ideas as well as really good pre-shoot care in terms of thinking about outfits which would work. I think that this is something every girl should do as it is an amazing experience and they are photos you can be proud of and keep forever. Thank you Amber!”

Delight, Confidence and Pride

Whatever’s going on in your life, there’s always a good reason to book a classic, tasteful boudoir photo shoot for yourself. You give so much of your time and energy to others – you deserve time with the focus just on you. When you book a photo session with me you will get an affirming makeover experience and photo shoot. You will feel delighted, confident and proud of yourself. You will also get a gorgeous set of fine art, magazine-inspired, portraits that you will cherish forever.

Take a break from the busyness and let me help you reconnect with yourself. Call me on 612-479-3454 for your free consultation.

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