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model meditates looking to sunset

Carrot Banana Peach Yoga Clothing

I’m a bit slow in posting this but I really want to show you the latest gorgeous yoga clothing from ecologically-friendly yoga clothing company Carrot Banana Peach. They manufacture amazing breathable clothes from natural fibres such as bamboo, banana, milk, soybean and aloe vera, in the most beautiful colours. Incredibly

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busy mum

Portrait of a Busy Mum

Vanda won my International Women’s Day giveaway photo shoot. You will remember that it was held with Sassy Mama Singapore earlier this year. Vanda is a very busy lady, running a flourishing yoga business that brings the benefits of yoga and prenatal yoga to many people. You can learn more

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Beautiful Portraits – get them taken ‘just because’

Isabella contacted me because she wanted to have some beautiful portraits taken of herself. After chatting for a while I learned that she used to model and makes regular updates to her collection of portraits. When I asked her why, she replied that she wants to have portraits of

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leaving present for friends

Fabulous Leaving Present for Friends

Looking for the perfect Singapore leaving present for friends? The Ultimate Girls Day Out package is a unique way to say a fond farewell to your girlfriends who have made your time here in Singapore so special. Miriam and her friends were a close-knit group during their stay in Singapore

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A Mother’s Photo Session with Ruth

Do you have a treasured photo of yourself with your mother? Or special photos of you with your children? If you’re like me you’re probably the one behind the lens instead of in the picture. Most of the ‘good’ photos I have of me with my own mother are at

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Dazzling Dominika shows how to glam it up!

Dominika booked a Girls’ Day Out session with a group of her friends who were about to leave Singapore.  They arrived with armfuls of gorgeous outfits, their favourite playlists, champagne and some snacks – ready to glam it up and excited for their fabulous makeover! As part of the session package each

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Numama and Ukuladies

Singapore Numama ladies choir ‘Lovely’ summer concert 2014

‘All You Need is Love’ was the theme for Numama ladies choir summer concert this year. Once again the lucky audience at the Hollandse Club Singapore was treated to an evening of beautiful singing and entertainment by Numama and the Ukuladies.  The programme was packed with romantic-themed summery songs such as ‘Summertime’ and

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Corporate headshot, glamorous, makeover

Need some glamorous profile pictures for work?

Michaela was looking for an updated profile picture for her brand new business Woolf Works in Singapore – one that conveyed exactly who she is in a relaxed but professional and polished way.  Working with Samina Malik we got the looks that Michaela was after for her pictures. Call Amber of Amber

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Beautiful lady poses on glamour photo session

Kate Wins the Click-oh 2014 Women’s Day Photo Shoot!

Beautiful Kate Moreau was the lucky winner of Amber Robert’s 2014 Women’s Day photo shoot giveaway that I ran in collaboration with Sassy Mama. Kate arrived with her outfits planned and ready for a fabulous hair and makeup styling session with the awesome Emma Haddock.  When her pampering was over

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