Capturing the Joy of Expectancy: A Maternity Photo Shoot in the Jura

Couple embrace in outdoor maternity photo shoot with Jura Mountains behind

From Bump to Bliss – a stunning maternity photo shoot

There’s a magic that unfolds when a couple embarks on the journey of parenthood. The anticipation, the excitement, the blossoming love for a tiny human yet to meet – it’s a time etched in memory forever. And what better way to preserve those precious moments than through stunning maternity photos?

Recently, I had the privilege of collaborating with a beautiful couple expecting their first child together. From the initial consultation about their maternity photo shoot to the final photo album, it was a journey filled with creativity, joy, and a touch of playfulness.

woman draped in green silk poses in maternity photo shoot, silk is floating on the breeze

From Studio Setup to Breathtaking Backdrops

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes elements that make up a successful maternity photo shoot. As with all my photo sessions, I had a consultation with the couple 2 weeks before the shoot day to discuss their vision for their pregnancy photos. It’s important to plan things like outfits, location and product goals ahead of time so that we can maximise our time on the day and get the best results.

For my lovely client’s wardrobe, we curated a selection of figure-hugging dresses and flowing fabrics, choosing pieces that accentuated her growing bump and reflected her personal style. It’s a bit easier finding outfits for the future father and he usually already has a wide selection to chose from!

Our journey continued on shoot day in my studio, where I used different lighting setups to create intimate portraits that showed the couple’s close connection. To boost the mum-to-be’s confidence, I collaborated with a talented makeup artist Iryna who created a look that made her feel both stunning and comfortable. 

The Jura Mountains, Their Witness

But the true magic unfolded when we ventured outdoors. Not far from my studio is the Jura mountain range, a place deeply cherished by the couple. As the sun dipped low the Jura, bathed in golden light, became a breathtaking canvas. We found some beautiful fields still full of sunflowers and grasses, and captured some very natural images brimming with love and anticipation. The father-to-be’s tender touch on the bump, the private glances filled with love, and the joy of anticipation – it all translated into timeless photographs.

Beyond the Clicks: A Personalised Touch

A maternity photo shoot is more than just pressing the shutter. It’s about creating an experience that resonates with the expecting parents. Throughout the session, I focused on making them feel relaxed and comfortable, guiding them with poses and ensuring they enjoyed every moment.

Couple embrace in outdoor maternity photo shoot with Jura Mountains behind

More Than Memories, a Legacy

The excitement didn’t end with the maternity photo shoot. A week later, the couple returned to my studio, full of anticipation as they reviewed their photos. Together, we handpicked their favourites, then I incorporated them into a beautiful photo album, personalised with baby’s name and her birth day. Each page became a story, a testament to the parents’ love and the promise of a new life about to begin.

A Treasured Keepsake

Maternity photography is more than just capturing a physical transformation. It’s about documenting the emotional journey of parenthood, a journey that begins long before the baby arrives. With each photo, I aim to create heirlooms – tangible reminders of a time filled with joy, anticipation, and the sheer wonder of welcoming new life.

Colourful prints from a maternity photo session

What they said about their maternity photo shoot experience

Towards the end of our first pregnancy, my partner and I realized that we didn't have any good photos to remember this exciting and unique moment. We found Amber Roberts Images on the Internet and we were delighted by her professionalism and attentiveness from the very first exchanges, where she took time to understand our needs. The photo shooting experience was beyond my expectations; Amber took much care to ensure we had a beautiful portfolio with different poses and outfits. We even drove around to find the perfect spot for a picture with the Jura in the background! I highly recommend Amber Roberts. She's an excellent photographer and very caring person.
Giulia Oggero
Maternity Session Client

Are You Expecting a Little Miracle?

Let’s chat! I’d love to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll design a maternity photo shoot that celebrates your unique journey, one that reflects your personality and leaves you with a timeless treasure. Contact me today and let’s start planning your own bump-to-bliss adventure!

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